lets share pali translations in spreadsheet form

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lets share pali translations in spreadsheet form

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https://notesonthedhamma.blogspot.com/2 ... hita.html

The short little passage in that article,
STED ☸Dhamma beautiful in beginning, middle, end
Puna caparaṃ, āvuso, bhikkhu
"Furthermore, friends, a monk
bahu-s-suto hoti
{is one who has} {heard & learned}-much,

Took me about 2 hours to do. (lining up pali and english side by side, in 2 adjacent columns of spreadsheet)
You don't have to like or agree with my translation,
but there's enormous value in the human labor it takes to
break down the pali into small, digestible pieces, hyphenate compounds, etc.

If you've done this work on your own, if you could share it with everyone, we can eventually build a better pali sutta collection that's far more readable, and much easier to learn pali, than what we have now.

So who has stuff to share?

One easy way to do this, I think for everyone with gmail account, you can use google spreadsheet, and make that spreadsheet publicly viewable spreadsheet and others would be able to copy and past from that.
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