Pali terms for teacher and student, with English translations

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Pali terms for teacher and student, with English translations

Post by binocular » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:12 am


in an earlier discussion, Ven. Dhammanando listed a number of terms for teacher and student.
Here is the list again, I enumerated it for easier overview:

1. Relative terms for a teacher

1.1 ācariya / ācariyaka

1.2 ācarī / ācarinī

1.3 kammaṭṭhānadāyaka

1.4 nissayadādika

1.5 nissayadāyaka

1.6 pavattinī

1.7 upajjhā

1.8 upajjhāya / upajjha

2. Relative terms for a student

2.1 antevāsika / antevāsī / antevāsinī

2.2 nissitaka

2.3 paccagū / paṭṭhagū

2.4 paddhacara / baddhacara

2.5 piṭṭhi-ācariya

2.6 saddhivihārī / saddhivihārika / saddhivihārinī

2.7 sissa

3. Non-relative terms for a teacher

3.1 dassetu

3.2 desetu

3.3 desika

3.4 dhāretu

3.5 gaṇī / gaṇācariya

3.6 garu / guru

3.7 lokagaru

3.8 pavattu

3.9 pubbācariya

3.10 satthu

3.11 vādī

3.12 vinetu

3.13 viññāpetu

4. Non-relative terms for a student

4.1 chatta

4.2 kumāra

4.3 māṇava / māṇavaka

4.4 neyya

4.5 sekha

I think it would be very helpful to understand what those terms mean, because that would help to better understand the possible relationships and terms of communication between two or more people in the context of Buddhism and the Dhamma.

I've tried to translate the terms myself, but it turned out that my knowledge is far too rudimentary for that.

So everyone is welcome to contribute translations (with sources/references to dictionaries) of the above terms.

Thank you!
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