Ñāṇa atthi bala

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Ñāṇa atthi bala

Postby Stiphan » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:02 am

"Scientia potentia est" - Knowledge is power

So said Sir Francis Bacon.

I doubt he really knew how powerful and truthful his statement actually was.

But I also doubt he actually knew real knowledge - the vipassanā-ñāṇa (insight knowledge).

"Ñāṇa atthi bala" (not sure the Pāḷi is correct)

Actually, that's right because of the Five Powers, Wisdom (Paññā) is the fifth - the most powerful.

Good on you, Sir Francis.

Homage to the Lord Buddha!


(Topic not intended for the Pāḷi question, but it doesn't hurt posting it here)

I don't know much about Pāli grammar, but I believe there should be an ṃ somewhere...

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