chanting word by word translation

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chanting word by word translation

Post by john35 » Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:19 am

Sometimes, I chant homage and reflexions in thai and pali. I would like to chant only in pali. I have translations of entire sentences and I would like to have a word by word translation, so as I could feel more the meanings of the chantings. I tried to type some word in different dictionnary we can find on the net, but it does not match in many cases. Could anyone help me to make a word by word translation of this text, please? Thanks!

โย โส ภะคะวา อะระหัง สัมมาสัมพุทโธ
Yo so bhagavaa araham sammaasambuddho
To the Blessed One, the Lord who fully attained perfect enlightenment,

สวากขาโต เยนะ ภะคะวะตา ธัมโม
Savaakkhaato yena bhagavataa dhammo
To the Teaching which he expounded so well,

สุปะฏิปันโน ยัสสะ ภะคะวะโต สาวะกะสังโฆ
Supa.tipanno yassa bhagavato saavakasangho
And to the Blessed One's disciples, who have practised well,

ตัมมะยัง ภะคะวันตัง สะธัมมัง สะสังฆัง
Tammayam bhagavantam sadhammam sasangham
To these - the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha -

อิเมหิ สักกาเรหิ ยะถาระหัง อาโรปิเตหิ อะภิปูชะยามะ
Imehi sakkaarehi yathaaraham aaropitehi abhipuujayaama
We render with offerings our rightful homage.

สาธุ โน ภันเต ภะคะวา สุจิระปะรินิพพุโตปิ
Saadhu no bhante bhagavaa suciraparinibbutopi
It is well for us, Blessed One, that having attained liberation,

You still had compassion for later generations.

อิเม สักกาเร ทุคคะตะปัณณาการะภูเต ปะฏิคคัณหาตุ
Ime sakkaare duggata-pannaakaara-bhuute pa.tigga.nhaatu
Deign to accept these simple offerings

อัมหากัง ทีฆะรัตตัง หิตายะ สุขายะ ฯ
Amhaakam diigharattam hitaaya sukhaaya
For our long-lasting benefit and for the happiness it gives us.

I found a very good site that give a good explanations of some anjali and all of the dhammapada :" onclick=";return false;
Thank you very much

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Re: chanting word by word translation

Post by DNS » Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:25 pm

Different dictionaries have different words for the translation of the same word. This is common with most translations from one language to another, I have found. The best solution is to learn the language so that you can know the proper context of how the word is used. I am working on that, hoping to get a better grasp of Pali.

By the way, Welcome to Dhamma Wheel!


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