Pali : Support & Nutriment Conditions

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Pali : Support & Nutriment Conditions

Post by yawares » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:53 am

Dear Members,

[Presented by Dr.Han Tun,MD.@ SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

The following are the passages from Pa.t.thaana Chanting to support the
presentation by Tep. You can also hear the voice of the late Sayadaw Dr

8. Nissayapaccayo ... ccayo.html" onclick=";return false;


(i) cattaaro khandhaa aruupino a~n~nama~n~na.m nissayapaccayena paccayo.

(ii) cattaaro mahaabhuutaa a~n~nama~n~na.m nissaayapaccayena paccayo.

(iii) naamaruupa.m a~n~nama~n~na.m nissayapaccayena paccayo.

(iv) cittacetasikaa dhammaa cittasamu.t.thaanaana.m ruupaana.m nissaayapaccayena

(v) mahaabhuutaa upaadaaruupaana.m nissaayapaccayena paccayo.
(vi) cakkhaayatana.m cakkhuvi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca
dhammaana.m nissayapaccayena paccayo.

(vii) sotaayatana.m sotavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca dhammaana.m
nissaayapaccayena paccayo.

(viii) ghaanaayatana.m ghaanavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca
dhammaana.m nissayapaccayena paccayo.

(ix) jivhaayatana.m jivhaavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca
dhammaana.m nissaya paccayena paccayo.

(x) kaayaayatana.m kaayavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca dhammaana.m
nissayapaccayena paccayo.
(xi) ya.m ruupa.m nissaaya manodhaatu ca manovi~n~naa.nadhaatu ca vattanti,
ta.m ruupa.m manodhaatuyaa ca manovi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ca
ta.msampayuttakaana~nca dhammaana.m nissayapaccayena paccayo.


8. Dependence Condition (Nissaya Paccaya)

i. The four incorporeal aggregates are mutually related to one another by
dependence condition.

ii. The four great essential are mutually related to one another by dependence

iii. At the moment of conception, mentality (pa.tisandhi citta) and corporeality
(kammaja-ruupa) are mutually related to each other by dependence condition

iv. Consciousness and its concomitants are related to the mind produced
corporeality (cittaja-ruupa) by dependence condition.

v. The great essentials are related to their derived matter (upaadaa-ruupa) by
dependence condition.
vi. Eye-base is related to eye-consciousness and its concomitants by dependence

vii. Ear-base is related to ear-consciousness and its concomitants by dependence

viii. Nose-base is related to nose-consciousness and its concomitants by
dependence condition.

ix. Tongue-base is related to tongue-consciousness and its concomitants by
dependence condition.

x. Body-base is related to body-consciousness and its concomitants by dependence
xi. Depending on this corporeality (i.e. heart-base) mind element and
mind-consciousness element (mano-dhaatu and arise; that
corporeality is related to the mind-element, the mind consciousness element and
their concomitants by dependence condition.


Dependence Condition: Depending by way of Nissaya condition is similar to the
trees which depend on the earth as their base support.


15. Aharapaccayo ... ccayo.html" onclick=";return false;


(i) kabali"nkaaro aahaaro imassa kaayassa aahaarapaccayena paccayo.

(ii) aruupino aahaaraa sampayuttakaana.m dhammaana.m
ta.msamu.t.thaanaana~nca ruupaana.m
aahaarapaccayena paccayo.


15. Nutriment Condition (Aahaara Paccaya)

i. Edible food is related to this body by nutriment condition.

ii. The immaterial nutriments (phassa, and cetanaa) are related to
their concomitants (citta and cetasikas) and to the citta-produced corporeality
by nutriment condition.


Nutriment Condition: Aahaara condition is similar to the cross bracings that
uphold and support the deteriorating old house.

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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