Devanagari human touch??

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Devanagari human touch??

Postby blackspaven » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:40 pm

Okay, thanks to this site i've gotten the following for the Eightfold Path in Devanagari,...

सम्मादिट्ठि सम्मासङ्कप्पो सम्मावाचा सम्माकम्मन्तो सम्माआजीवो सम्मावायामो सम्मासति सम्मासमाधि

but has anyone got anything that might show it in a written format or can write it and scan it so I can see how it should look? I've only got the cmoputerised version which while i'm sure is accurate, looks a little cold compared to how it's probably written in the flesh, as it were.

Can anyone help on this one??

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