Pali : Iti 80. Vitakkasutta.m

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Pali : Iti 80. Vitakkasutta.m

Post by yawares » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:22 pm

Dear members who love Pali,

Iti 80. Vitakkasutta.m
[Presented by Dr.Han Tun, MD @ sariputtadhamma/JTN]

80. Vutta~nheta.m bhagavataa, vuttamarahataati me suta.m

"Tayome, bhikkhave, akusalavitakkaa. Katame tayo? Anava~n~nattipa.tisa.myutto
vitakko, laabhasakkaarasilokapa.tisa.myutto vitakko,
paraanuddayataapa.tisa.myutto vitakko. Ime kho, bhikkhave, tayo
akusalavitakkaa"ti . Etamattha.m bhagavaa avoca. Tattheta.m iti vuccati

"Anava~n~nattisa.myutto, laabhasakkaaragaaravo;
Sahanandii amaccehi, aaraa sa.myojanakkhayaa.

"Yo ca puttapasu.m hitvaa, vivaahe sa.mharaani ca;
Bhabbo so taadiso bhikkhu, phu.t.thu.m sambodhimuttama"nti.

Ayampi attho vutto bhagavataa, iti me sutanti.
Iti 80. Vitakka sutta

This was said by the Blessed One, said by the Arahant, so I have heard: "There
are these three kinds of unskillful thinking. Which three? Thinking concerned
with not wanting to be despised (anava~n~natti pa.tisa.myutto vitakko); thinking
concerned with gains, offerings, and tribute (laabhasakkaara siloka
pa.tisa.myutto vitakko); thinking concerned with an empathy for others
(paraanuddayataa pa.tisa.myutto vitakko) [Note 1]. There are three kinds of
unskillful thinking."

"Fettered to not wanting to be despised (anava~n~nattisa.myutto);
to gains, offerings, respect (laabhasakkaaragaaravo);
to delight in companions (sahanandii amaccehi):
you're far from the ending of fetters.

"But whoever here, having abandoned sons, cattle, marriage, intimates:
he's capable, a monk like this, of touching superlative self-awakening."

[Note 1] According to the Commentary, this refers to a monk's tendency to be
overly intimate with lay people, overly susceptible to the rises and falls in
their fortunes, "happy when they are happy, sad when they are sad, busying
himself with their affairs."

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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