Two deities and the cooking oil

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Two deities and the cooking oil

Post by fabianfred » Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:02 am

This last story was originally inserted into one chapter
of the old edition when I expressed my difficult experience
in helping people along this path to free samsara. There were
times when I felt it was almost impossible to carry on and
wanted to give up my charitable work. I then thought of
this following story which was, once again, from teacher
Tang Mor Seing. My work has, however, survived by setting
a clear goal of helping just one person at a time.
Two deities descended from heaven and wanted to
help someone who deserved to be helped. They disguised
themselves as street vendors selling cooking oil. The judgement
day had arrived, and the two vendors placed two huge
barrels containing cooking oil at the main junction of
the market place. Instead of selling them at a low price as
they had done for the past few days, they shouted for people
to bring their own containers and help themselves. No sooner
had the announcement ended than the throng of the crowd
rushed to the oil barrels. Everyone tried their best to get as
much oil out as they could manage. The two disguised gods
used their magical power to keep the oil from drying up
no matter how much had been taken out. They noticed that
there was hardly anyone there who felt that he should
just get what he needed. A lot of them kept on coming back
for more. The two divine beings shook their heads, felt
hopeless and thought: “these people are too greedy to be
Finally, there was a man who approached the deities
and asked for just one small cup of cooking oil. He insisted
that was all he needed. The heavenly beings smiled to each
other and were glad that there was at least one person on earth
worthy to be saved. They followed the man to his house and
asked whether he wanted to know the way to heaven.
The man answered: “No, I don’t want to know the way
to heaven. What I want to know is your secret as to how
you could keep that cooking oil full to the brim in the barrel
at all time. If you could tell me that secret, I will be very rich
and happy.”
The two celestial beings suddenly disappeared into
thin air and never returned to earth again!

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