A week at Pa-Auk (by James Fable)

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A week at Pa-Auk (by James Fable)

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Peer support:
An american told the British journalist:
“I’ve been doing meditation for over 10 years now, but Pa-Auk is the first method that’s really worked for me. I hope it does for you too.”

Favorite instruction (Ven. Kumuda):
"Don’t focus on the breathing, but be mindful of it"

Most awkward statement :shock:, imo :
The main difference between vipassanā and Pa-Auk is one of religion.

Experience - Day 6 :thumbsup: :
Soon I perceived a fluffy white sphere in the darkness ahead of me. It drifted slowly towards me and began hovering beneath my left nostril. At first, I thought it was my mind wandering or playing tricks on me. I tried to ignore it and began counting my breaths. But the sphere wouldn’t budge, so instead I switched my focus onto it – and was embraced by an entirely new sensation, an intense combination of calm, clarity and concentration. When it finally evaporated and I opened my eyes, I felt as if I had awoken from a deep yet refreshing stupor.

Mudita :bow: :
My stay at Pa-Auk Tawya Forest Monastery had been a success.

https://meditationmag.com/buddhism/pa-a ... y-myanmar/



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