Love Pain. He, too, hurts.

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Re: Love Pain. He, too, hurts.

Post by Stiphan » Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:58 am

Thank you, perkele. Interesting thoughts, and I appreciate and respect your point of view, regardless of whether I agree 100% or not (I agree with a lot).

I do not have time to give a big reply.

Just wanted to share something on the topic of pain.

Some people feed on pain, suffering, and problems. They become wiser and stronger as a result. At the time, it may seem that they are weak, but that is the time they are learning and thus gaining their wisdom, and the time when they are exercising their endurance muscles so that they can later become mentally strong.

Then some of the petty stuff most people are concerned with and worried about -- it's like lifting a 1kg dumbbell for them. Really.

Such people look at suffering as a blessing and with gratitude. Just like a strong man can't wait to go to the Gym, knowing what caused him to be strong.

Except the wise man is not actively looking to lift stuff. There are already a lot of problems in life. He is just not afraid to have a go at the next one and does not shy away. The weak people do. But even they can learn. Any feeble man can gain muscle strength by lifting weights.

But the life gym training never ends, one can always improve and become mentally stronger, until one reaches the level of a Buddha or an Arahant or a Schwarzenegger.

The world-record holder weightlifter is not afraid of any weight any human has ever lifted.
The person who has suffered the worst and overcome it, is not perturbed by anything that will happen to him at any point in the future again.

You know why?

Not only is the weightlifter champion the strongest ever, he also knows how to do it.
The person who has overcome the worst knows how to overcome anything. Maybe not the solution to any particular, specific problem - but the general way to deal with it - this he knows. And there is no greater strength than this one.

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