Jason Chan the Wandering Australian Monk

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Re: Jason Chan the Wandering Australian Monk

Post by pilgrim » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:04 am

CedarTree wrote:
pilgrim wrote:
SarathW wrote:Bhante Jason now in You Tube.
Further discussion about him in Sutta Central.

https://discourse.suttacentral.net/t/ol ... rds/6157/2
Not being critical here but just out of curiosity, is Ven Jason Chan's robe within the range of acceptable colours? It appears to be just off-white.
There is appropriate colors....?
Yes, the allowable colours are described in the Khandaka rules that form part of the monastic code.

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Re: Jason Chan the Wandering Australian Monk

Post by CedarTree » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:51 pm

Very interesting. What immediately came to mind was the first Dhutanga practice:

1. Refuse-rag-wearer's Practice (pamsukulik'anga) — wearing robes made up from discarded or soiled cloth and not accepting and wearing ready-made robes offered by householders.

I am curious if in the Vinaya it makes exceptions based on the quality of the cloth, location of the person (If there aren't trees or other things needed to dye especially for a solitary alms monk..)

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