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Uttara: The Impaled Bhikkhu

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:15 pm
by yawares
Dear Members,

This lovely/cold Saturday, I proudly present a wonderful story of the handsome Thera Uttara.

Uttara: The Impaled Bhikkhu
[Wisdom Library]

Uttara - A thera. He was the son of an eminent brahmin of Rajagaha (of Savatthi, according to the Apadana). He became proficient in Vedic lore and renowned for his breeding, beauty, wisdom and virtue. The kings minister, Vassakara, seeing his attainments, desired to marry him to his daughter; but Uttara, with his heart set on release, declined, and learnt the Doctrine under Sariputta. Later he entered the Order and waited on Sariputta.

One day Sariputta fell ill and Uttara set out early to find a physician. On the way he set down his bowl by a lake and went down to wash his mouth. A certain thief, pursued by the police, dropped his stolen jewels into the novices bowl and fled. Uttara was brought before Vassakara who, to satisfy his grudge, ordered him to be
impaled. The Buddha, seeing the ripeness of his insight, went to him and placing a gentle hand, like a shower of crimson gold, on Uttaras head, spoke to him and encouraged him to reflection. Transported with joy and rapture at the Masters touch, he attained sixfold abhinna and became arahant. Rising from the stake, he stood in mid air and his wound was healed. Addressing his fellow celibates, be told them how, when he realised the evils of rebirth, he forgot the lesser evil of present pain (Thag.vv.121-2; ThigA.i.240ff).

NOTE: In the time of Sumedha Buddha, he bad been a Vijjadhara. Once, while flying through the air, he saw the Buddha at the foot of a tree in the forest and, being glad, offered him three kanikara flowers.
By the Buddhas power, the flowers stood above him forming a canopy.

The Vijjadhara was later born in Tavatimsa, where his palace was known as Kanikara.

He was king of the gods one hundred and five times, and king of men one hundred and three times.

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/tidathep :heart:

Re: Uttara: The Impaled Bhikkhu

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:15 am
by yawares
Dear Members,

My dear friend, Antony, posted another story of Sariputta's novice who was impaled ...with the explanation of Luang-Paw Lee Dhammadharo(Luang-Poo Mun said that Thera Lee Dhammadharo was King Asoka in the past life).

Please click: ... sage/20890" onclick=";return false;

Love the story :heart:
yawares :anjali: