Real Story about Kamma

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Real Story about Kamma

Post by waimengwan » Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:19 pm

A story from the sharing of Madam Tan, she was talking about her experiences of helping prisoners at Batu Gajah Prison. She told this story about Karma in relation to her own experience.

She first had a dream about three tortoises being boiled in soup. When she woke up she felt it was a sign something relate to karma.

So she asked her friend to prepare animals to be saved and released. She volunteered to help during the animals liberation. Her friend got a huge turtle for her in a gunny sack, and this lady wanted to handle the huge turtle and as she was trying to get the turtle out, she stuck her hand in to the gunny sack, and the turtle bit into one of her finger. She then thought of the Chinese folk tale that turtles do not release a bite until there is thunder. Probably panicking she jerked her finger and she lost flesh and her bones were protruding for one finger. It was very painful of course.

So she went to a hospital near Kuala Kangsar where the animal liberation was being held and the doctor there did not treat her and got her to get help from a male nurse. This male nurse gave her an antibiotic shots. That night her despite it being bandaged her whole hand was swollen and she was in terrible pain she was trying to chant mantras to help herself but it was to no avail.

The next morning she could not bear it any more and had to call her sons. Her 2nd son who was a doctor told her she should get this or that medicine. On that day it was a public holiday so she had to go around driving and looking for pharmacists using one hand to drive and in pain. She found the drugs she was recommended but that was no help.

The next day her elder son came down from KL to fetch her up to KL. She went to meet her 2nd son and when the son unravelled the bandage the wound was black and he told his mum no way but need to cut the flesh and bone of the sceptic part.

So begin the first operation to cut away the flesh under anasthetic, after the drugs wore off she felt tremendous pain, and two days after when they checked the wound they had to cut again and this time even before the drugs came into effect the doctor cut into flesh and bone. And two days after that there was third and final operation on her finger. So three operations for the three tortoises that was boiled for soup. She tells this story all the time to illustrate that we can never escape our karma.

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Re: Real Story about Kamma

Post by Son » Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:58 am

Many Buddhists will not see the truth of this, and will look at it only with superstition.
Thank you. :anjali:
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Re: Real Story about Kamma

Post by James the Giant » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:19 am

Son wrote:Many Buddhists will not see the truth of this, and will look at it only with superstition.
:hello: Me, me!

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