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Dear Members,

:heart: Kamanita And Vasitthi :heart:

"Who is this Master whom you heard so praised? What is his name?"said the Buddha.

Namotassa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZeIQV9V ... egcF0cIPLA" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

"He is, brother, the Samana Gotama, of the Sākya clan, who renounced the throne of his fathers. This Master
Gotama is greeted everywhere with honour and the joyous acclaim — 'He is the Blessèd One, the Holy One,
Impeccable in Conduct and Understanding, Knower of the Worlds, Teacher of Gods and Humans, the Enlightened
One, the Buddha.' And I journey now in order to find that Sublime One and to acknowledge myself as his disciple."

"But where, friend, does he now reside — this Sublime, this Enlightened One?" the Buddha asked.

"Far to the north, brother, in the kingdom of Kosala, lies the great city of Sāvatthi. Just beyond the town is
the richly wooded Jetavana park, filled with mighty trees in whose deep shade, far removed from all noise, the wise and faithful are able to sit and meditate. Its crystal pools ever exhale coolness, and its emerald meadows are strewn with myriads of vari‐coloured flowers. Years ago the rich merchant Anāthapindika purchased the grove from Prince Jeta and presented it to the Buddha — it cost so much money that, if spread over the surface of the ground, it would have concealed the whole property. There, then, in this delightful Jetavana over whose meadows the feet of so many of the wise have passed, the Master, the Fully Enlightened One, at present makes his abode. If I step out bravely I hope in the course of about four weeks to have accomplished the distance from here to Sāvatthi and to sit at the feet of the Master."

"But have you ever seen him, brother — this Blessèd One — and if you did see him would you recognise him?"

Kamanita replied"No,brother,I have not yet seen him,the Blessèd One,and if I saw him I would not recognise him."

Then the Master reflected: “For my sake this young seeker is now on the Way; he acknowledges himself as my disciple; how would it be if I revealed the heart of the Dharma to him?” And the Master turned to Kāmanīta an
said: “The moon has just risen over the porch, we are not yet far into the night and too much sleep is not good for the mind. If it is agreeable to you I can offer, in return for your narrative, to unfold to you the Teaching of the Buddha."

"That would make me very happy, brother, and I beg you to do so if you are able."

"Listen well then, my friend, and reflect on what I have to say to you."

:candle: THE MASTER :candle:
Dhamma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuD2PMhn ... egcF0cIPLA" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

AND THE LORD BUDDHA said: “The Tathāgata,
the Fully Enlightened One, set the wheel of
the Dharma rolling at Benares, beside the Rock of the
Prophet, in the Grove of the Gazelles. And it can neither
be stopped by monk nor brahmin neither by god nor
demon, nor by anyone else in this.

“That Teaching is the Unveiling, the Revelation of
the Four Noble Truths. What Four? The Noble Truth of
Suffering, the Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering, the
Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering, the Noble Truth
of the Path which leads to the Cessation of Suffering.
“But what, brother, is the Noble Truth of Suffering?
Birth is Suffering, ageing is Suffering, sickness is Suffering,
death is Suffering; sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and
despair are all Suffering; to be separated from the loved is
Suffering; to be united with the unloved is Suffering; not to
obtain what we desire is Suffering; in short, all the various
forms of attachment involve Suffering. That is, brother, the
Noble Truth of Suffering.

***********to be continued**************

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