Kamanita 11:Prepare for Angulimala's Revenge

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Kamanita 11:Prepare for Angulimala's Revenge

Post by yawares » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:45 pm

Dear Members,

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Prepare for Angulimala's Revenge

Even before I reached home I was considering
what was to be done, seeing that I was now thrown onto
my own resources. Arriving there, I had all the movable
treasures — costly carpets, inlaid tables and similar items
— carried into the courtyard and loaded onto wagons, in
order to have them conveyed to a place of safety in the
inner town.
During these preparations, as I had no time myself
to go to my wives, I sent a servant to each of them with
instructions that they should hold themselves in readiness
— Sītā with her two daughters, Savitrī with her little son —
to move into town to my father's home, on account of their
own and their children's safety.

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As I stood there at my palace, surrounded by its
beautifully laid‐out parks, seemed to me more splendid
than ever before, and I trembled at the thought that all this
magnificence was to be utterly destroyed within a few
hours by the infamous band of robbers. Fear for my own
life troubled me far less than the cruel conviction that
these well‐cared for avenues of trees would be laid waste,
these artistically hewn marble pillars hurled down, and
that all this, the building up of which had cost me so much
thought and such tedious effort, whose completion had
filled me with so much joy, would be a heap of ruins when
the sun rose again. For only too well did I know the traces
left by Angulimāla.

There was, however, no more for me to do now but wait.
My suddenly unfettered thoughts began to focus
for the first time on myself. My whole life passed in review
before me; and looking upon it as a stranger might have
done, I could find no pleasure whatsoever in the sight.
These reflections I interrupted a couple of times to
make a round through the house, courtyard and garden,
I hastily went the rounds again and exhorted my
people to be keenly on the alert. I myself felt the blood
hammering in every vein, and my throat seemed to con‐
tract from the anxiety and the strain. Going back to my
room, I sat down as before. But no thoughts would come;
I felt a heavy pressure on my breast and soon it seemed to
me as though I should suffocate. I sprang up and went out
between the pillars to inhale the cool night air. As I did so,
my cheek was softly fanned by what seemed to be a
passing wave of air, and immediately thereafter the hoot of
an owl sounded in the stillness.

*************to be continued***************

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