True Friendship

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True Friendship

Post by yawares » Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:54 pm

Dear Members,

More of Sariputta Thera:

True Friendship
[translated from the Pali texts by Nyanaponika Thera]

If Sariputta was notable for his lasting sense of gratitude, he was no less so for his capacity for friendship. With Maha Moggallana, the friend and companion of his youth, he maintained a close intimacy, and many were the conversations they held on the Dhamma. One of these, which is of special interest as throwing light on the process of Venerable Sariputta's attainment, is recorded in the Anguttara Nikaya, Catukka-nipata, No. 167. It relates that once the Venerable Maha Moggallana went to see the Elder and said to him:

"There are four ways of progress, brother Sariputta:

difficult progress, with sluggish direct-knowledge;
difficult progress, with swift direct-knowledge;
easy progress, with sluggish direct-knowledge;
easy progress, with swift direct-knowledge.

"By which of these four ways of progress, brother, was your mind freed from the cankers without remnants of clinging?" To which the Venerable Sariputta replied: "By that of those four ways of progress, brother, which is easy and has swift direct-knowledge."

The explanation of this passage is that if the suppression of the defilements preparatory to absorption or insight takes place without great difficulty, progress is called "easy" (sukha-patipada); in the reverse case it is "difficult" or "painful" (dukkha-patipada). If, after the suppression of the defilements, the manifestation of the Path, the goal of insight, is quickly effected, the direct-knowledge (connected with the Path) is called "swift" (khippabhiñña); in the reverse case it is "sluggish" (dandabhiñña). In this discourse the Venerable Sariputta's statement refers to his attainment of arahantship. His attainment of the first three Paths, however, was, according to the commentary to the above text, connected with "easy progress and sluggish direct-knowledge."

In such ways as this did the two friends exchange information about their experience and understanding of the Dhamma. They were also frequently associated in attending to affairs of the Sangha. One such occasion was when they combined in winning back certain monks who had been led astray by Devadatta.

When Devadatta had formally split the Sangha by declaring that he would conduct Sangha-acts separately, he went to Vultures' Peak with five hundred young monks who through ignorance had become his followers. To win them back, the Buddha sent Sariputta and Maha Moggallana to the Vultures' Peak, and while Devadatta was resting, the two Chief Disciples preached to the monks, who attained to stream-entry and went back to the Master.

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Another time when the Venerable Sariputta and the Venerable Maha Moggallana worked together to restore order in the Sangha was when a group of monks led by Assaji (not the Elder Assaji referred to earlier) and Punnabbassu, living at Kitagiri, were misbehaving. In spite of repeated admonitions, these monks would not mend their ways, so the two Chief Disciples were sent to pronounce the penalty of pabbajaniya-kamma (excommunication) on those who would not submit to the discipline.

Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:
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Re: True Friendship

Post by DNS » Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:12 pm

Vulture Peak is a great place to make pilgrimage to, for anyone who gets the chance, at least once in your lifetime. Sàriputta was enlightened there!

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Re: True Friendship

Post by yawares » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:32 pm

David N. Snyder wrote:Vulture Peak is a great place to make pilgrimage to, for anyone who gets the chance, at least once in your lifetime. Sàriputta was enlightened there!
Dear David,

May be someday soon, my daughter always offers to take me/Tep to visit the Buddha's places as our birthdays' gift, if we decide to go...I'll choose to go in January not too hot there...must take PEPTO BISMAL in my handbag at all time!! I used to fly with Thai Airways Inter to every country in Asia, yes, including Bangkok-Calcutta-New Delhi...we all (crews) had PEPTO BISMAL!!

Because of your message I'll add VULTURE PEAK youtube in the TRUE everybody can see.

Thank you for suggesting/love to go there someday,

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Re: True Friendship

Post by jagodage » Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:52 am

Dear Friend
These Videos reminds my Pilgrimage to India to worship the sacred places.
Thanks and Great Merits or you and all.

:candle: :candle: :candle:

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