The 7 Years And 7 Days Of Pregnancy

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The 7 Years And 7 Days Of Pregnancy

Post by yawares » Wed May 30, 2012 1:29 pm

Dear Members,

Thera Sivali was one of many super theras in the Phra-Gatha Chinnabunchorn that I learn by heart, I chant this Phra-Gatha everyday while walking meditation. Believe it or not everywhere I go I always meet nice people who help me when I need help.

Phra-Gatha Jibapanchorn or Phra-Gatha Chinnabunchorn: ... FEA85AB401" onclick=";return false;

Thera Sivali, Sri Lanka

Phra tath Sivali(Relic) .. Sarira of Venerable Sivali 希瓦利 尸婆罗 ...

Phra Sivali Arahat, standing statue and those of monks of our present..Thailand

The Great Thera Sivali
[Translated from the Pali by Daw Mya Tin,MA]

While residing in the Kundadhana forest near the city of Kundakoliya, the Buddha uttered Verse (414) of this book, with reference to Thera Sivali.

Princess Suppavasa of Kundakoliya was in pregnancy for seven years and then for seven days she was in labour pains. She kept contemplating the unique qualities of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha and in the end she sent her husband to the Buddha to pay obeisance to him on her behalf and to inform him of her condition. When informed of the condition of the princess, the Buddha said, "May Suppavasa be free from danger and from sorrow; may she give birth to a healthy noble son in safety." As these words were being spoken, Suppavasa gave birth to her son at her palace. On that very day, soon after the birth of the child, the Buddha and some bhikkhus were invited to the house. Alms-food was offered there and the newly born child offered filtered water to the Buddha and the bhikkhus. To celebrate the birth of the child, the parents invited the Buddha and the bhikkhus to their house to offer food for seven days.

When the child grew up thera Sariputta talked with him and ordained him with Suppavaasaa's permission.
he was admitted to the Order and as a bhikkhu he was known as Sivali. He attained arahatship as soon as his head was shaved off. Later, he became famous as the bhikkhu(etadagga) who received the largest amount of offerings. As a recipient of offerings he was unsurpassed.

On one occasion, the bhikkhus asked the Buddha why Sivali, with the qualifications to become an arahat, was confined in his mother's womb for seven years. To them the Buddha replied, "Bhikkhus! In a previous existence, Sivali was the son of a king who lost his kingdom to another king. In trying to regain their kingdom he had besieged the city on the advice of his mother. As a result, the people in the city were without food or water for seven days. It was for this evil deed that Sivali was imprisoned in his mother's womb for seven years. But now, Sivali has come to the end of all dukkha; he has realized Nibbana."

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 414: Him I call a brahmana, who, having traversed this dangerous swamp (of passion), this difficult road (of moral defilements), the ocean of life (samsara) and the darkness of ignorance (moha), and having crossed the fourfold Flood, has reached the other shore (Nibbana); who practises Tranquillity and Insight Meditation, who is free from craving and from doubt, who clings to nothing and remains in perfect peace.


From Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names (excerpts)

From the time of his birth, Siivali could do anything. Saariputta talked with
him on the seven day of his birth and ordained him with Suppavaasaa's permission.
Siivali became a sotaapanna in the Tonsure hall when his first lock of hair was
cut, and a sakadaagaami with the second. Some say that after his ordination he
left home on the same day and lived in a secluded hut, meditating on the delays
in his birth, and thus, winning insight, attained arahantship.

In Padumuttara Buddha's time he made the resolve to be pre eminent among
recipients of gifts, like Sudassana, disciple of Padumuttara. To this end he
gave alms for seven days to the Buddha and his monks.

Siivali was declared by the Buddha pre-eminent among recipients of gifts. It is
said that when the Buddha visited Khadiravaniya-Revata, he took Siivali with him
because the road was difficult and provisions scarce. Siivali went to the
Himaalaya with five hundred others, to test his good luck. The gods provided
them with everything. On Gandhamaadana a deva, named Naagadatta, entertained
them for seven days on milk rice.

Love Buddha's dhamma,

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Re: The 7 Years And 7 Days Of Pregnancy

Post by yawares » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:37 pm

Dear Members...I add pretty please let me rerun this post...I'm sure Thera Sivali is so loved by all members. In Thailand/Burma Thera Sivali is so popular known as 'THE LUCKY SIVALI THERA' :anjali: :heart:

yawares :heart:

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