Six Sensuous Celestial Planes !!

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Six Sensuous Celestial Planes !!

Post by yawares » Sat May 26, 2012 2:18 pm

Dear Members,

While I was walking meditation at 5AM, the sky was so dark, the moon was hiding behind the clouds
and I wondered what would be like to be up there in heavens??

[Presented by my dear friend Dr.Han Tun, MD at JTN]

The Six Sensuous Celestial Planes (deva-planes) are as follows counting from the
lowest level.

(i) Catumahaaraajikaa: The lowest of the heavenly realms where the four guardian
deities reside with their followers. Some lower beings of this plane have their
dwellings on earth.

(ii) Taavati.msaa: The realm of 33 devas and their followers. Sakka, the king of
the devas, reside in this celestial plane.

(iii) Yaamaa: The realm of great happiness where the Yaamaa devas are presided
over by their ruler, the divine king of Suyaama or Yaama.

(iv) Tusitaa: The Delightful Realm. This is the abode of a Bodhisatta in his
last existence before attaining Buddhahood.

(v) Nimmaanarati: The heaven of the devas who can create objects of sensual
enjoyment by thought, in accordance with their desires.

(vi) Paranimmita-vasavataa: The heaven of the devas who do not create such
objects themselves, but they bring under their sway things created by their

Love Buddha's dhamma,

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