Bakkula, The Miracle Babyboy

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Bakkula, The Miracle Babyboy

Post by yawares » Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:18 pm

Dear Members,

This Saturday morning, my town is so cool(62F) and lovely with clear blue sky. And I feel so happy to present this very charming story ,that I translated from my Thai Dhammapada Book (Thai Version), to you all. Please forgive my bad English.

Bakkula, The Miracle Babyboy

Bakkula was born in the family of a councillor of Kosambi... When he was 5 days old,
his rich parents arranged a baby ceremony for him. As a tradition, baby should be bathed in
sacred Ganges River. While his nanny dipped him in the river, a very large fish swam by
and swallowed the baby. Miraculously, the fish could not digest him,it seemed like the baby
just slept happily in the big fish's belly. Later, the fish got caught by a group of fishermen
in Benares. Because the fish was very large,therefore poor people could not buy. It happened
that a rich lady,the wife of a Benares councillor, came to this market and bought this fish
to cook for her big family. When the cook cut open the fish belly,he found a very cute babyboy alive*!
Everybody was so stunned. The rich lady who never had children was very happy, so she took care of the baby
just as her own flesh and blood.

The big news about this miracled babyboy found in the fish belly was heard through
the whole country. Heard the news, the real parents in Kosambi hurried to go to
Benares. They told the rich lady about what happened and asked her to give
the baby back... But the Benareslady loved the baby too much to give him up. So
they brought the case to the king of Benares to decide, and the king told
both families to share the custody of the babyboy, 6 months for each family. That
was how the babyboy got the name "Bakkula" meaning a person who belonged to 2 families.

After a prosperous life and very exceptional healthy life, at the age of eighty, Bakkula heard
about the Buddha's majesty, went to listen to the Buddha's preaching. He was so impressed
with his dhamma and asked to be ordained. For seven days he remained unenlightened, but on the dawn
of the eighth day he became an arahant. Later, the Buddha declared him to be foremost in good health.

Bakkula lived to a very old age, and shortly before his death ordained Acela Kassapa, who had been
his friend in his lay days. Bakkula was one of the four who had great abhinna (mahabhinnappatta),
the others being the two chief disciples and Bhadda Kaccana. He is often mentioned as an example
of a monk who practised asceticism without preaching it to others.

* This preservation of Bakkula was due to the power of the sanctity of his last life; it was a case of psychic power diffused by knowledge (ñánavipphárá iddhi), PS.ii.211; Vsm.379.

Thera Bakkula's past lives []

In the time of Anomadassi Buddha, he was a learned Brahmin who became a holy hermit. He heard the Buddha preach and became his follower, and when the Buddha suffered from stomach trouble, he cured him and was reborn later in the Brahma world.

In the time of Padumuttara Buddha, he was a householder of Hamsavati, and, hearing a monk acclaimed as most healthy, he wished for a similar honour in a future life.

Before the appearance of Vipassi Buddha, he was born in Bandhumati, where he became a hermit. Later, he saw the Buddha, acknowledged him as teacher, and cured a monk of tinapupphakaroga (hay fever).

In the time of Kassapa Buddha, he renovated an old vihara and provided the monks with medicaments.

Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares :heart:

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