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Angel Khallatiya

Post by yawares » Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:30 pm

Dear Members,

I watched this cute story @ YouTube. I like it very much and I would like to share with you all. Please forgive my bad English.

:candle: Angel Khallatiya, :candle:

Once upon a time, a merchant and his crews was sailing his cargo-ship across the ocean. Suddenly they saw a beautiful celestial castle, they anchored the ship near the castle. Inside the castle they saw a pretty angel with beautiful long black hair sitting there all alone.

The angel told the merchant and his crews not to come close because she had no clothes on. The merchant wanted to offer her precious Kasi-clothes; but she denied the offer, saying that it was because of her past evil deeds, she only had to cover her body with her long black hair. However, she suggested that the merchant give the clothes to a Buddhist devotee upasaka and ask him to donate merits to her; only then she could receive the merits.

It happened that there was a crew on board who truly devoted to the Buddha, so the merchant did what the naked angel had advised. Then, like a miracle, the angel appeared to them with devine clothes, so stunningly beautiful! The angel then entrusted the merchant to pay homage to the Buddha, and to give some of her merit-devine-clothes, water, jewel and rice to the Buddha when they sailed back to Savatthi.

After the long voyage, the merchant and his crews went to pay homage to the Buddha at Jetavanaram. They told him the strange event about the naked angel and her celestial castle in the middle of the ocean. The merchant gave the angel's devine gifts to the Buddha and asked him about her past evil deeds.

Khallitiya's past life:

Once she was born in Benares. Her beauty and pretty long black hair made her famous throughout the land. People made her a beauty queen with duty of carrying big bouquet of flowers in special ceremony events. One day, her best friend who secretly envied her so much, put poison herbs on her hair that caused her baldness. She was so ashamed of her look and ran away to a new town where she sold sesame-oil for a living. She was so poor that she did anything she could to make money. For example, she sold alcohol beverages to townsmen and stole their money, jewelry and clothes (left them naked) while they were drunk. She became richer. Then one day an old bhikkhu came for alms-food near her place. She was so happy to do merits; she gave delicious foods to the bhikkhu and made a wish that she had long beautiful black hair again. After herlong life, she was now reborn as this naked angel.

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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