Serendipity, or bright kamma!

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Sam Vara
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Serendipity, or bright kamma!

Post by Sam Vara » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:22 pm

A Sri Lankan friend in Cambridge (UK) where I used to live has just emailed me this little story.

A fellow Buddhist at the university was walking down the road when he saw a man in robes. Theravadan monks are not all that uncommon in Cambridge, but when he stopped to make anjali, this monk turned out to be Ajahn Jayasaro. He rarely leaves Thailand these days - I've only met him once, back in 2005. I was greatly impressed. Anyway, trusting in his good kamma, the student asked if Jayasaro would give a dhamma talk - and he spontaneously agreed! If anyone can get there, it's tomorrow at 6pm, in Clare College.

I'd drive the 100 miles myself, but family duties prevent me...

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Re: Serendipity, or bright kamma!

Post by Idappaccayata » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:10 am

What a great encounter. I wish I could go as well.
A dying man can only rely upon his wisdom, if he developed it. Wisdom is not dependent upon any phenomenon originated upon six senses. It is developed on the basis of the discernment of the same. That’s why when one’s senses start to wither and die, the knowledge of their nature remains unaffected. When there is no wisdom, there will be despair, in the face of death.

- Ajahn Nyanamoli Thero

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