The first verse of the Dhammapada

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Re: The first verse of the Dhammapada

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Hi Pererin, & Dhammanando
Dhammanando wrote:Hi Pererin,
pererin wrote:Having no Sanskrit or Pali scholarship I hesitate to venture a comment on this subject, but I have always had a measure of concern about aspects of the translations of Juan Mascaró.
Yes, Mascaró's is a very free rendering. Though as free renderings go, it's a long way from being the worst: that accolade belongs to Thomas Byrom's abysmal effort, which unfortunately has been issued as a popular pocketbook by one of the largest Buddhist publishers in the States, and so is always being quoted on the internet.

Best wishes,
Dhammanando Bhikkhu
I pretty much stick to the renderings on Access to insight, and the Bodhi books, I think they give a wide enough difference to see what is meant without becoming a translator myself, I am far more interested at times though to look at the different views of meaning which may or may not give some insight into the actual meaning of the word/s phrases and so on!
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