How Anathapindika got so rich

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How Anathapindika got so rich

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In the present day, the five wrong livelihoods sustain a great portion of the world economy.

You could say wrong livelihood likely supports more than 90% of our economic system if you consider the multitude of businesses that benefit from killing animals. Chemical testing, leather furniture and clothing, even laptops—businesses benefit from the killing of animals all the time.

It's often the case that the more money a person has, the more likely they are to be engaged in something immoral.

The suttas make Anathapindika sound like the ancient Indian version of today's billionaire philanthropists.

It's hard for me to imagine how Anathapindika could be so wealthy without being connected to any wrong livelihood at all.

Are there are suttas that talk about the industries Anathapindika was involved with?

The things I've read about him only say he was a "merchant." Merchant of what?
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Re: How Anathapindika got so rich

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He was a banker; about as capitalist to the bone as one can get. That is not one of the five wrong livelihoods, nor does it involve any killing of humans or animals.
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Re: How Anathapindika got so rich

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There are hard-working people that get rich and there are those that stay poor. To be very rich like Anathapindika one have to be hard-working and also have a good backing of good kamma from previous life.
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Re: How Anathapindika got so rich

Post by salayatananirodha »

the karmic consequence of generosity is wealth
'it's hard for me to imagine', but still it is so
16. 'In what has the world originated?' — so said the Yakkha Hemavata, — 'with what is the world intimate? by what is the world afflicted, after having grasped at what?' (167)

17. 'In six the world has originated, O Hemavata,' — so said Bhagavat, — 'with six it is intimate, by six the world is afflicted, after having grasped at six.' (168)

- Hemavatasutta

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Re: How Anathapindika got so rich

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Boomerang wrote: Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:39 pm How Anathapindika got so rich
There seem to have been quite a few factors.

• He had great accumulations of merit (see the numerous Jātakas recounting his past acts of generosity) starting from the time when he resolved to become the "foremost of almsgivers" during the lifetime of Padumattara Buddha.

• His past saṃsāric disposition towards philanthropy continued into his present life.

• He was born well - his father was the millionaire Sumana.

• He married well - Mrs. Anāthapiṇḍika (called Puññalakkhaṇā in the commentaries) was the sister of the treasurer of Rājagaha.

• He made a lucrative living as a banker.

• He had a goddess acting as his debt-collector:
As a result of Anāthapiṇḍika’s selfless generosity he was gradually reduced to poverty. However, he continued his gifts even when he had only bird-seed and sour gruel. The devatā who dwelt over his gate appeared before him one night and warned him of his approaching penury; it is said that every time the Buddha or his monks came to the house she had to leave her abode over the gate and that this was inconvenient to her and caused her to be jealous. Anāthapiṇḍika paid no attention to her warnings and asked her to leave the house. She left with her children, but could find no other lodging and sought counsel from various gods, including Sakka. Sakka advised her to recover for Anāthapiṇḍika the eight hundred million that debtors owed him, another eighteen that lay in the bottom of the sea, and yet eighteen more lying unclaimed. She did so and was re-admitted.

“Keep to your own pastures, bhikkhus, walk in the haunts where your fathers roamed.
If ye thus walk in them, Māra will find no lodgement, Māra will find no foothold.”
— Cakkavattisīhanāda Sutta
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Re: How Anathapindika got so rich

Post by ToVincent »

Being reborn in the Tusita heaven is no real benefice.
Still the Mara's realm (kama-loka).

The minimal benefice of Buddhism is (at least), to escape that kama-loka. Isn't it?
Some working for the Mara's world; some for the Brahma's world; some for the Unborn.
Those who desire good are few, and those who desire evil are many.
(And you just can't imagine how much goodness, those who desire evil, are ready to display - ToVincent).
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