Theravāda Being: Whole Logic Is Theravāda' Knowledge, Don't Cut Any Tipitaka's Parts Off

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Theravāda Being: Whole Logic Is Theravāda' Knowledge, Don't Cut Any Tipitaka's Parts Off

Post by theY » Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:23 pm

Theravāda Being Series: Must Changed Thinking Before Declare Yourself "Theravāda".
This series will let you separate Unmixed Eldest Theravada from newer age buddhism.
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Zenist: Target to real stuff, then live happy, now. Don't care next life. This is annihilationism (ucchedadiṭṭhi).

Mahāyāna: Target to dāna, then live happy, now and next life, to live forever.This is eternalism (sassatadiṭṭhi).

Theravāda: Target to have not desire all suffering by cognizant them all, in every case, everywhere, every time, etc. Then next life (suffering) will disappear.  So theravāda buddhists care real stuffs, care living happy, care next life, care heaven, care hell, etc. This is the way (macchimāpatipadā)between two extremes, the extreme of sensual indulgence of annihilationism (kāmasukkhallikānuyoga), the extreme of self-mortification of eternalism (attakilamathānuyoga).

We don't denied to know every logic that have (a) way(s) to be real. It maybe real or maybe not. If it is possible to be real in logic, it is theravāda's knowledge.


It necessary to make sure "we cognizant every cause of suffering", then  desire can not take any suffering. Then life will be the best happiness, because every thinking of us will secure in all suffering. Zenist is insecure in next life. Mahāyāna is insecure when their dāna-result breakdown. But  theravāda is secure in every case, everywhere, every time, etc.

Surely security is the last member of mangalasutta.

Another, buddha known every logic  of people to teach them to enlighten until 5,000 years of Buddhism. So every logic in tipitaka is important to keep buddha's teaching (tipitaka).

That's why tipitaka cannon still having heaven and hell. ... -dont.html
Above message maybe out of date. Latest update will be in massage's link.
Tipitaka memorization is a rule of monks. It isn't just a choice. They must done it.
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