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Re: Fixed Views

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This is great -- it was posted over at esangha:
Huifeng wrote:Diṭṭhin

Diṭṭhin (adj. -- n.) one who has a view, or theory, a follower of such & such a doctrine Ud 67 (evaŋ˚+evaŋ vādin).


Diṭṭhi (f.) [Sk. dṛṣṭi; cp. dassana] view, belief, dogma, theory, speculation, esp. false theory, groundless or unfounded opinion. ...

But, the "Diṭṭhiñ" is (sandhi changed for subsequent "ca") originally "diṭṭhiṃ". This is the accusative form of feminine "Diṭṭhi" (add the "-ṃ" at the end), "to view" not "Diṭṭhin" which is the form of possession, ie. "one with view".

"diṭṭhiṃ" + "ca" ==> "Diṭṭhiñca"

Of course, in Pali, the "ca" (and) particle comes after the word that it qualifies.
So, literally: "Not going to view(s) ...".

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