Citta-sankharas and other emotions

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Citta-sankharas and other emotions

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When enumerating citta-sankharas various emotions are enumerated:

"The fourteen unwholesome mental factors are:

Four universal unwholesome mental factors (akusalasādhāraṇa):
Moha - delusion
Ahirika - lack of shame
Anottappa - disregard for consequence
Uddhacca - restlessness

Three mental factors of the greed-group (lobha):
Lobha - greed
Diṭṭhi - wrong view
Māna - conceit

Four mental factors of the hatred-group (dosa)
Dosa - hatred
Issā - envy
Macchariya - miserliness
Kukkucca - regret

Other unwholesome mental factors
Thīna - sloth
Middha - torpor
Vicikicchā - doubt"

Other than this also other mental factors are given, totaling 52. What i noticed is there are no sadness and fear anywhere mentioned among mental factors. Not to mention other emotions, but these two are generally considered among basic emotions, so i found it curious they were not mentioned. Are they mentioned in some other enumeration? Also, does Buddhism has a systematization of emotions specifically?

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Re: Citta-sankharas and other emotions

Post by Volo »

Both of them are considered to be forms of dosa, because dosa is about not wanting something, same as fear or sadness. There might be incalculable number of emotions, but they come down to the combination of the basic 52 states.

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Re: Citta-sankharas and other emotions

Post by SarathW »

I agree with Volo.
That is my understanding is too.
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