Kamma and its Ripening in the Abhidhamma

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Re: Kamma and its Ripening in the Abhidhamma

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I, too, feel an increased possibility of understanding this topic. Thank you everyone.
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Re: Kamma and its Ripening in the Abhidhamma

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Re: Kamma and its Ripening in the Abhidhamma

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robertk wrote: Where does the sutta say that kamma conditioned the people to throw clods stones etc? They were doing daily chores like throwing out things and these hit the venerable 'accidently'.
Sounds like a joke: A defendant in the trial says: "I didn't kill that person. He slipped and fell on the knife... And like that for 20 times!".

Did they suddenly become blind? How often do people accidentally pick up heavy rocks and throw at a monk who happened to be the killer (of their relatives maybe)?

The explanation is really unbelievable... Much more believable is that they recognized a (former) killer and wanted to punish him. Pure psychology. Nothing strange.

An interesting similar question: If Angulimala's kamma caused him vipaka of being hit by rocks thrown by those people, did those people accumulate bad kamma of throwing at an Arahant?
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