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Abhidhamma commentaries

Post by auto » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:33 pm

For an example this commentary
An arahat is one who has attained arahatta-magga and phala. He
(or she) can enjoy the peace of Nibbàna whenever he wishes by
developing the meditative absorption corresponding to arahattaphala-
samàpatti. He can enjoy Nirodha-samàpatti if he attains the
eight jhànas.
Since arahatta-magga eliminates all the defilements (kilesas),
an arahat has no greed, ill-will, delusion, conceit, personalitybelief
and other bad mental factors. He has no attachment to
anything; so he is free from all entanglements. He does not regard
anything as his own; thus he has no reason to feel sad because
something is taken or stolen from him.
That type of deduction or reduction is what i can't digest. Because it doesn't have the notion how did i got there where i am now, so i can't draw path.
Iddhividha Abhi¤¤à
Powers of creating forms, flying through the air, walking
on water, diving into the earth, etc.
So what is my body then? How eradiction of kilesas contribute to this..this pretty much points to body made of very little particles like photons, body made of solar radiation, or what particles penetrate granite or soil.

I'm fine with this, since i believe in light body achievement

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