Stream of Consciousness

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Stream of Consciousness

Post by Awakened_Angel » Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:01 am


Was reading this and came across this Stream of consciousness(viññāna-sota) it is said this stream flows like river and never be the same even for even one second. like a rope, from far, it looks like a string, closer look, there are series of ants affecting each other, each is dependent on each other.

what I would like to ask is...

does "my" stream same as "your" stream? or I have my stream and you have my stream? when the cessation of becoming, mean this stream stop/ceases.

another notion also exist on this which is "re link consciousness" that occur upon death and rebirth

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Re: Stream of Consciousness

Post by walkart » Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:03 am

Consciousness is related on 6 sense bases. If information that go through yours 6 senses is exactly the same than information that go through your's neighbour 6 senses, so technically, only in this situation we can say that there is the same consciousness. As i understand this situation is quite impossible, because even if eye, ear, nose, tangue, tuch were the same, mind will be different.

As concerning "transfering of being from one live to another" it is said in one sutta that there is some kind of being (ganghabba if i dont mistake) who's mission is to do this transfer . But we can not verify, only speculate, and it's don't really metter, IMHO.

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