Why Nibbana is classified as Naama?

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Why Nibbana is classified as Naama?

Post by SarathW » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:50 am

Why Nibbana is classified as Nama in Abhidhamma?
The Ultimate Realities
The Abhidhamma deals with realities existing in an ultimate sense, called in Pali paramattha dhammaa. There are four such realities:
1. Citta, mind or consciousness, defined as that which knows or experiences an object. Citta occurs as distinct momentary states of consciousness.
2. Cetasikas, the mental factors that arise and occur along with the cittas.
3. Ruupa, physical phenomena, or material form.
4. Nibbaana.
Citta, the cetasikas, and ruupa are conditioned realities. They arise because of conditions and disappear when their conditions cease to sustain them. Therefore they are impermanent. Nibbaana is an unconditioned reality. It does not arise and therefore does not fall away. These four realities can be experienced regardless of what name we give them. Any other thing — be it within ourselves or without, past, present, or future, coarse or subtle, low or lofty, far or near — is a concept and not an ultimate reality.

Citta, cetasikas, and nibbaana are also called naama
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Re: Why Nibbana is classified as Naama?

Post by Virgo » Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:43 am

All phenomena are either naama or ruupa. Nibbana is the only naama that does not know anything itself. There are only 28 types of ruupa. Nibana does not fit any of them. Perhaps it is known as naama because it is not ruupa and because it is only known by mentality. In any event, it falls under the category of naama.

It does not arise or fall away.

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Re: Why Nibbana is classified as Naama?

Post by hopedhamma » Thu May 02, 2013 12:18 pm

Everything real has been classified into 2, Naama and Ruupa. If Nippana is not Rupa, then it is Naama

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