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Abhidhamma View: Recollection of the Buddha

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:candle: Abhidhamma View: Recollection of the Buddha :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri @ sariputtadhamma/JTN]

Vism. p. 192-204 (excerpt):

2. Now, a meditator with absolute confidence who wants to develop firstly the recollection of the Enlightened One among these ten should go into solitary retreat in a favourable abode and recollect the special qualities of the Enlightened One, the Blessed One, as follows: with [clear] vision and [virtuous] conduct, sublime, the knower of worlds, the incomparable leader of men to be tamed, the teacher of gods and men, enlightened and blessed (M I 37; A III 285). "That Blessed One is such since he is accomplished, he is such since he is fully enlightened, … he is such since he is blessed".
He stands utterly remote and far away from all defilements because he has expunged all trace of defilement by means of the path -- because of such remoteness (aaraka) he is accomplished (arahanta).

26. He is fully enlightened (sammaasambuddha) because he has discovered (buddha) all things rightly (sammaa) and by himself (saama.m).

29. Herein, this is the construction of a single clause [of the dependent origination]: Ageing-and-death is the truth of suffering, birth is the truth of origin, the escape from both is the truth of cessation, the way that is the act of understanding cessation is the truth of the path. In this way he has discovered, progressively discovered, completely discovered, all states rightly and by himself step by step. Hence it was said above: "He is fully enlightened because he has discovered all things rightly and by himself"

30. He is endowed with [clear] vision and [virtuous] conduct: vijjaa-cara.nasampanno = vijjaahi cara.nena ca sampanno (resolution of compound). Now, the Blessed One is endowed with these kinds of clear vision and with this conduct as well; hence he is called "endowed with [clear] vision and [virtuous] conduct."

36. He is the knower of worlds because he has known the world in all ways. For the Blessed One has experienced, known and penetrated the world in all ways to its individual essence, its arising, its cessation, and the means to its cessation, according as it is said: "Friend, that there is a world's end where one neither is born nor ages nor dies nor passes away nor reappears, which is to be known or seen or reached by travel—that I do not say. Yet I do not say that there is ending of suffering without reaching the world's end. Rather, it is in this fathom-long carcass with its perceptions and its consciousness that I make known the world, the arising of the world, the cessation of the world, and the way leading to the cessation of the world.

39. But he knows all beings' habits, knows their inherent tendencies, knows their temperaments, knows their bents, knows them as with little dust on their eyes and with much dust on their eyes, with keen faculties and with dull faculties, with good behaviour and with bad behaviour, easy to teach and hard to teach, capable and incapable [of achievement], therefore this world of beings was known to him in all ways.

49. He teaches (anusaasati) by means of the here and now, of the life to come, and of the ultimate goal, according as befits the case, thus he is the Teacher (satthar). And furthermore this meaning should be understood according to the Niddesa thus: "`Teacher (satthar)': the Blessed One is a caravan leader (satthar) since he brings home caravans (sattha). Just as one who brings a caravan home gets caravans across a wilderness, gets them across a robber-infested wilderness, gets them across a wild-beast-infested wilderness, gets them across a foodless wilderness, gets them across a waterless wilderness, gets them right across, gets them quite across, gets them properly across, gets them to reach a land of safety, so too the Blessed One is a caravan leader, one who brings home the caravans, he gets them across a wilderness, gets them across the wilderness of birth"

65. As long as [the meditator] recollects the special qualities of the Buddha in this way, "For this and this reason the Blessed One is accomplished, … for this and this reason he is blessed," then: "On that occasion his mind is not obsessed by greed, or obsessed by hate, or obsessed by delusion; his mind has rectitude on that occasion, being inspired by the Perfect One" (A III 285).
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