Abhidhamma View : The Non-Returner

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Abhidhamma View : The Non-Returner

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Abhidhamma View : The Non-Returner
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri @sariputtadhamma/JTN]

CMA IX, p. 361-362:

Having developed the path of non-returning, by totally abandoning sensual lust and ill will, one becomes a non-returner, one who does not return to this (sensuous) state.

A non-returner has fully eradicated sensual lust and ill will, the fetters that bind to the sensuous world. He has also eradicated the taint of sensual desire and the unwholesome cetasikas, hatred and worry, as well as all greed taking a sensuous object. Thus he will be spontaneously reborn in a fine-material realm and there attain final nibbaana. It should be noted that while only non-returners are reborn in the Pure Abodes, there is no fixed determination that all non-returners are reborn there.

The texts mention five types of non-returner:
1) One who, having been reborn spontaneously in a higher world, generates the final path before he has reached the midpoint of the lifespan (antaraa-parinibbaayii).
2) One who generates the final path after passing the midpoint of the lifespan, even when on the verge of death (upahacca-parinibbaayii).
3) One who attains the final path without exertion (asankhaara-parinibbaayii).
4) One who attains the final path with exertion (sasankhaara-parinibbaayii).
5) One who passes from one higher realm to another until he reaches the Akani.t.tha realm, the Highest Pure Abode, and there attains the final path (uddha.msoto akani.t.thagaamii).

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