Abhidhamma View: Attainment of Jhaana

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Abhidhamma View: Attainment of Jhaana

Post by yawares » Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:12 pm

Dear Members,

:candle: Abhidhamma View: Attainment of Jhaana :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri @SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

CMA IX, p. 341-342:

Thereafter, access development is accomplshed, consisting in concentration of the sense sphere in which obstacles have been abandoned. Following this, as one cultivates the counterpart sign by means of access concentration, one enters the first jhaana of the fine-material sphere.

Following this, one masters the first jhaana by means of the five kinds of mastery --in adverting, attainment, resolution, emergence, and reviewing. Then by striving to abandon the successive gross factors such as initial application, etc., and to arouse the successive subtle factors, such as sustained application, etc., one enters the second jhaana, etc., in due sequence according to one's ability.

Thus the counterpart sign is found in twenty-two meditation subjects --the earth kasi.na, etc.,-- but of the remaining eighteen subjects, the illimitables occur with the concept of beings (as their objects).

The five kind of mastery: Of these, mastery in adverting(aavaajjana-vasitaa) is the ability to advert to different jhaana factors such as viatakka, vicaara, etc., quickly and easily in accordance with one's wish. Mastery in attainment (samaapajjana-vasitaa) is the ability to attain the different jhaanas quickly and easily without many bhavangas arising in the process of their attainment. Mastery in resolution (adhi.t.thaana-vasitaa) is the ability remain in the jhaana for a length of time determined by one's prior resolution. Mastery in emergence (vu.t.thaana-vasitaa) is the ability to emerge from the jhaanas quickly and easily. And mastery in reviewing (paccavekkha.naa-vasitaa) is the ability to review the jhaana from which one has just emerged. Besides these five masteries, the meditator is also encouraged to develop skill in extending the visualized counterpart sign by gradually increasing its size until it appears as if encompassing the entire world.

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