Abhidhamma View : Presence and Non-disappearance

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Abhidhamma View : Presence and Non-disappearance

Post by yawares » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:52 am

Dear Members,

:candle: Abhidhamma View : Presence and Non-disappearance :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri @ SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

CMA VIII, p. 322:

The presence and non-disappearance conditions are altogether of five kinds: conascence, prenascence, postnascence, edible food, and material life.

Presence condition, non-disappearance condition: These are two conditions identical in meaning and differing only in the letter. In this relationship a conditioning state helps the conditioned states to arise or persist in being during a time when it exists alongside the conditioned states. It is not necessary, however, for the conditioning state and the conditioned state to be conascent; all that is required is for the two to temporarily overlap, and for the conditioning state to support in some way the conditioned states during the time they overlap. Thus presence condition includes prenascence and postnascence as well as conascence. While the text mentions only five types of presence condition, since these five inturn inlude additional subsidiary types, presence condition comprises a wide variety of other conditions. This will become clear in the next section, which deals with the subsumption of all conditional relations under four master conditions.

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