Abhidhamma View : Dependent Arising 9-11

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Abhidhamma View : Dependent Arising 9-11

Post by yawares » Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:03 pm

Dear Members,

:candle: Abhidhamma View : Dependent Arising 9-11 :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri @ SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

CMA VIII, p. 298:

(9) Dependent on clinging arises existence: There are two kinds of existence --the kammically active process of existence (kammabhava), and the passive or resultant process of existence (upapattibhava). Active existence denotes the twenty-nine types of wholesome and unwholesome volition, or all wholesome and unwholesome kamma that leads to new existence. Resultant existence denotes the thirty kinds of resultant cittas, their associated cetasikas, and material phenomena born of kamma.
Clinging is a condition for active existence because, under the influence of clinging, one engages in action that is accumulated as kamma. Clinging is a condition for resultant existence because that same clinging leads one back into the round of rebirth in a state determined by one's kamma.

(10) Dependent on existence arise birth: Here birth(jaati) means the rising of the mundane resultant cittas, their cetasikas, and kamma-born matter in a new life in one or another realm of existence. The essential condition for the occurrence of a future birth lies in wholesome and unwholesome kamma, that is, in present kammically active existence.

(11) Dependent on arise decay-and-death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, and despair: Once birth has occurred, there inevitably follow decay-and-death and all the other kinds of suffering between birth and death, such as sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, and despair. All this suffering is rooted in birth, thus birth is singled out as their principal condition.

Thus arises this whole mass of suffing: The whole mass of suffing mentioned in step (11) arises through the concatenation of interdependent conditioning and conditioned states described in the formula.

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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