DhammicView of Kamma: Categorizing the Kamma

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DhammicView of Kamma: Categorizing the Kamma

Post by yawares » Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:15 am

Dear Members,

:candle: Abhidhammic View of Kamma 4:Categorizing the Kamma :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri@ SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

Several posts, starting today, will be taken from the CMA(Comprehensive Manual
of Abhidhamma) Chapter V on the four types of kamma, i.e. by way of function; by
order of ripening; by time of ripening; by place of ripening.

I. By way of function:
1. productive kamma 2. supportive kamma 3. obstructive kamma 4. destructive

II. By rder of ripening:
1. weighty kamma 2. death-proximate kamma 3. habitual kamma 4. reserve kamma.

III. By time of ripening:
1. immediately effective kamma 2. subsequently effective kamma 3. indefinitely
effective kamma 4. defunct kamma.

IV By place of ripening:
1. unwholesome kamma 2. sense-sphere wholesome kamma 3. fine-material-sphere
wholesome kamma 4. immaterial-sphere wholesome kamma.

CMA V, p. 200: All volition action, except that of a Buddha or an arahant,
constitutes kamma. The Buddhas and the arahants do not accumulate kamma, since
they have eradicated ignorance and craving, the roots of kamma. Nevertheless,
even the Buddhas and the arahants are bound to experience the ripening of their
past kamma as long as their psychological personality persists, that is, until
they pass away.

The law of kamma(kammaniyaama) is self-subsistent in its operation, ensuring
that willed deeds produce their effects in accordance with their ethical quality
as surely as seeds bear fruit in accordance with their species. The direct
products of kamma are the resultant(vipaaka) states of consciousness andmental
factors that arise when kamma finds the right conditions to frucitify. Kamma
also produce distinct type of matter in the organic bodies of living beings,
called materiality originating from kamma(kammasamu.t.thaana-ruupa). (end quote)

The next post will be about productive and supportive kammas.

Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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