Precept of Non-Discriminating (All Encompassing)

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Precept of Non-Discriminating (All Encompassing)

Post by Darren_86 » Sat May 21, 2011 7:44 am

Dear All,

Dharma Sangha (aka. Buddha Boy from Nepal) has recently asked his attendance to observe 8 moral precepts. One of the main precept is to not discriminate living beings according to their race, religion, caste; which I've found to be pretty interesting and decided to practice it for a few days.

The first thing I've realised was; the boundary which non-discrimination concept can encompass (wait till I explain this). I was in the meeting, when I started sending my mind out to other ppl and started to critisize/evaluate (their race, speech, actions and etc and etc), which makes what they say are always around 20% wrong, which dis-interest me. Sensing that this action is very wrong, and remembering the moral precept of practicing non-discrimination, I intend to put a stop to this.

And the moment I refrain myself from judging and evaluating ppl, the same moment, the mind stop sending signals to others; and I can feel a moment of peace in this busy mind. It's like putting a veil in front of your eyes, and you're observing everything from behind. This happen within a spilt second, when i realise that I've spent so much time judging and evaluating ppl, comitting evil mental karmas, because I;ve sent out my mind too often. Which I believe many of us do, every moment. Once this happen, I look at the same meeting participants, and are totally free of bad thoughts about them (actually they just seems like a vase or something like that there - except that their speaking). Hence, I applied the concentration to their sound / voice and manage to concentrate deeply and understand their words like never before (I mean from the start of the meeting).

This I found to be extremely beneficial; which encourages me to further develop this attitude of non-discrimination to everything I see, feel and observe. I.e. When I was driving and meet up with some nuisance drivers, I tell myself to not discriminate and the same moment, the bad thoughts to him are slowly washed away. When I was driving, and there was a nice girl beside in other's car, I tell myself not to discriminate and be more moral abiding, to not turn my head over, and discriminate / mentally threaten others.

Then later on, I found that, the practice of non-discrimination means, not sending the mind out to observe occuring events with the judging and evaluating mind. Once this happen, the mind refocus itself on the own body and circulates there. And the adding points was, once I've pulled back my mind, the bad intention / judging intentions are no longer there, and would be occupied by a compassionate / metta feel. The whole process to me was like practicing meditation, as when the mind is refocus on the body, it helps to meditate and keep focussing on nature of body within. Hence I feel that this is quite an encompassing method.

At the moment, Dharma Sangha's speeches are all within Buddha's context, which he has made very clear in his text. He mentioned on his past life in Nepal 2,200 years ago (Also a meditator without sustenance), and being reborn in higher realm afterwards in samadhi. This was his direct next rebirth. Below are the 8 moral precepts he has asked his attendance to practice.

May the haughty and dogmatic behavior by humans in perception and
traditions concerning caste, religion, gender, race and so forth all
be eliminated. May all castes of beings live in this world in

There are many true religions in the elemental world. May those
religions dismiss the feelings of big and small misperceptions. May
sentient beings realize the original nature of all religion in the
same form.

Regarding the feelings of antagony and friendship towards nations,
cities, districts and regions; may the practice of discriminating
with amity and animosity and condemning and so forth be renounced
completely by every society and individual at once!

May every society and and individual especially renounce completely
following the example of the discrimination among individuals,
societies and regions and the principles, philosophies and people
which spread extreme confusion among castes, religions, genders and so

Renouncing all the infinite misdeeds of the body, speech and mind
through which karma the noble path and liberation has been
obstructed; may body, speech and mind be perfected by skillful karma.

As to craftiness, cheating, and pretending to be faithful in order to
aquire some honour, falsely accusing and attacking, bringing
miscreants to humiliate and corrupt the position of bodhisattvas and
to express joy in such actions; may these mean habits never happen in

By following the precepts, meditative concentration, and inner wisdom
transforming our body and all property for happiness and peace on
earth; protecting the foundation of life: the forest, jungle, rivers
and the forest wildlife; may everyone lead a perfect livelihood
favorable to Nature and Dharma.

May we be devotedly involved in wishing the highest enlightenment and
liberation by concentrating body, speech and mind day and night via
the three vehicles* and other supreme paths.

*sravaka, pratyeka-buddha, and bodhisattva

Maha Sadhu,

Darren :anjali:

PS : Just a thought of inserting the 8 moral precepts here, and not to promote Dharma Sangha yet. I'm still a practicing Theravadist on Ajahn Mun, Boowa, Chah, Dune and etc teachings. After reading on these precepts and understand that they do not in anyway go against teaching of Buddha, I would like to share this here.

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