Don't be put off the Dhamma by anatta!

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Re: Don't be put off the Dhamma by anatta!

Post by pulga » Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:00 pm

chownah wrote:Pulga,
It seems that the Buddha taught the Noble Eight Fold Path to would seem very odd for the Buddha to teach the Path to people who could not follow it.....I guess.....
You've brought up an interesting point. The Buddha put forth his teaching, and every now and then as it did for Kondañña in the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta the Dhammacakkhu arises in the listener (the sávaka) and he comes to understand what the Buddha is teaching. There is of course mundane Right View that the Buddha taught that puthujjanas were quite capable of understanding, but it's an aspect of the teaching that many of us find unsatisfying -- and it does ripen in renewed becoming; i.e. it is liberating in a very circuitous way.

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Re: Don't be put off the Dhamma by anatta!

Post by manas » Sun May 01, 2011 9:16 am

JackV wrote:Manasikara, thank you for this link. It always helps to re-read and go over issues and reaffirm subjects even if we are confident that we understand them fully.

I just came back to DW after a few days and I see so many replies...and I am especially pleased that you found the link useful. It precipitated quite a shift in focus for me. From time to time when doubts arise (and mine can be quite the 'demons of doubt'), I resolve my mind back to 'am I asking the right question? would knowing the answer be conducive to my own benefit, or that of others?' etc. That often sorts it out right there.
"To these too I teach the Dhamma which is lovely in its beginning, lovely in its middle and lovely in its ending, in spirit and in letter, I display to them the holy life, perfectly fulfilled and purified."
- from the Desanaa Sutta

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