Eight Winds

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Eight Winds

Postby Digger » Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:47 pm

Saw this posted on another board, thought some here would find it amusing:

Su Dung-po (1037-1101), a famous Chinese poet, wrote the following poem to describe a state he had experienced in meditation:

"I bow to the god among gods;
His hair-light illuminates the world.
Unmoved when the Eight Winds blow,
Upright I sit in a purple-gold lotus."

He sent the poem to the Great Master Fo-yin (1011-1086), and the Master's reply was two words: 'Fart, fart.' As soon as Su Dung-po saw the Great Master Fo-yin's criticism, he couldn't get it out of his mind, and he rushed across the Yangzi--he lived on the south side of the river and Great Master Fo-yin lived on the north side--to find the Master and scold him. He wanted to tell the Master that he had written an enlightened poem, and so how could the Master possibly have replied, 'Fart, fart?'

"In fact, when Great Master Fo-yin criticized him, not only did Su Dung-po fart, he blazed forth and wanted to scorch Fo-yin to death. And so he rushed across the river and burst unannounced into the Master's quarters and shouted, 'How could you possibly scold someone and slander him that way by writing "fart, fart"?'

"Fo-yin replied, 'Who was I slandering? You said that you were unmoved by the Eight Winds, but just by letting two small farts I've blown you all the way across the Yangzi. And you still say that the Eight Winds don't move you? You don't have to talk about eight winds; just my two farts bounced you all the way up here.'

"Then Su Dung-po thought, 'That's right. I said that I'm unmoved by the Eight Winds, but two words have been enough to make me burn with anger.' Realizing that he still didn't have what it takes, he bowed to the Master and repented. . . .""

http://www.orientalia.org/dictionary-Bu ... Winds.html
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Re: Eight Winds

Postby Marcus Epicurus » Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:56 am

That's a great story.

I like it...Thank you for sharing.


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