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Re: Know for Yourself

Post by Skaffen » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:03 pm

Digger wrote:For Skaffen:

I'm not sure how you are equating "grasping" with "not aware of the basic principles, never mind tactics, tempo, position"
Grasping means "to get hold of mentally; comprehend; understand" "broad or thorough comprehension" (" onclick=";return false;)

Regarding karma being self evident, it is not self evident to me how doing something in this lifetime affects a future lifetime or how doing something in a past lifetime affected my present lifetime. I can see cause and effect within my own lifetime but not prior to or ahead of.

The $1 million prize you are talking about is from the stage magician named Amazing Randi.

"Grasping" is just a poor choice of word in the context offered.

If I bullied you throughout your adolescence, robbed you of your confidence, how do you think that might manifest itself? Positive or Negative?
Say I burn car tyres all day Sunday just for a laugh - What is the net result? Positive or Negative?

Say I risk injury to save someone from a potential fatality - Positive or Negative?

We learn through experience, if positive it will reinforce itself creating stability. If negative it will divide and create boundaries.
Interconnectedness is apparent, but karma has no mystical administration function - over the longer run it might even out for majority and some might get shafted.
If you succeed in getting rid of your ego it wouldn't matter where the cards fell as you have already done the hard bit and stopped making the misleading distinction in the 1st place.

Yep, Randi's cash is safe.

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