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Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:44 am

You can enter this blog ... -body.html" onclick=";return false;

These are the pictures of St.Bernadette who died 122 years ago in Lourdes, France and was buried, her body was only discovered 30 years ago after the church officials decided to examine her body. Her body is still fresh until today and if you ever go to Lourdes , France you can see her body in the church in Lourdes. Her body does not decay because during her lifetime, the mother of Jesus would always appear to her and give messages and advice to all mankind on the right way to live on this earth.

Many miracles have taken place in this place of Lourdes and still do until today.These pictures show her body after 122 years.

Ms Bernadette ‘s body died 122 years ago but still fresh as she are sleeping. Why does a dead body without destroying of bacteria but are fresh as she slept?
Her body was preserved in the church at Lourdes in France. This is a concrete evidence that no one explained whether scientists can not explain. So what was a divine hand to help her body has not been decayed?

Want to know this, let ‘s read the story of Bernadette's life, then it was clear. There were not any hands but her only the aggregate of perception* was to preserve the body during 122 years. It is the aggregate of perception of each human, made the miracle that nobody expected. If someone knows how to practice making the agregate of perfection in operation, there won’t be incident happenned which are called spiritual mystery or strange phenomena in this life.

Here are some answers of Master Thich Thong Lac about above phenomena

1 - When a man died, his body has been still so fresh. What method that person had practiced ?
Answer: When a man died, but his body has been still so fresh because that person had practiced a perception's method. Here Ms. Bernadette had absolute faith in God, her perception had worked, not by practice.
The perception of Ms. Bernadette was 18 times in operation, so her perception is very easy to use as she wanted it would work. Reading the posts we see very clearly as the fire burned in her hand but nothing happenned. The Mother of Jesus appeared several times she had seen by her perception.
Those who want to practice the perception, just use a perception of the breath away from a head to foot and then went round to the back, then run along the spine back to the head. That circle is called the wheel of law. That was the practice the perception of breathing.
When inhibitting a consciousness by not allowing any thought arises as Zen said knowing thought immediately let it go of expectations, koan, which is the practice of the perception NO, so who practices this perception will enter into the sphere of the infinitude of space. When people enter into this state before death, the body looks like fresh and do not break up the stench.

2 - The Christian does not practice meditation, so why they can leave the body like this? How had her aggregate of perception operated? By a full faith in God ?
Answer: Perception of St. Bernadette had operated by the faith in God. Thanks to her perception, her body has been not active decayed.

3 – Had her aggregate of perception operated so her body has been not damaged ?
A. Yes, it had.

4 - Those who have a same body like that has been reborn yet? or can be re-born?
A: The re-birth is not relate to the dead body. When a person who has stopped breathing, his or her karma correspond to and was reborn to different person then. Ms.Bernadette ‘s karma had been reborn as another person, but her body has not decayed due to her aggregates of perception in her body works to protect her body look likes she has been sleeping, a 122-year long sleep and would continue forever if her aggregates of perception in operation.
The Aggregate of perception of human is a mystery and is a strange phenomena that every person always has. The differencce are who has the aggregate of perception in operation and who does not has. That is why people consider that is a mystery or strange phenomena.

5 - There are some strange phenomenons that many people had visited Ms Bernadette, after that their sickness were cured? How to explain it?
A. Talking about the aggregate of perception, cure sickness is easy job, just only two aggregates of perception together corresponded in the same magnetic field, then the sickness of a patient will gradually be cured. So there were some patients who had visitted Ms Bernadette’s body coming home and become healthy, but some have not. That was the patient ‘s aggregate of perception corresponded to Ms Bernadette ‘s aggregate of perception which has been protecting her body.

6 - Is there a way to make that fresh body be degraded? Or leave it decaying over time?
A: Just enter into the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness will encounter her perception and help her perception stop working, then the body will immediately degrade. If her perception in operation, her body has never degraded.

(*) The aggregate of perception: When one does not sleep, the consciousness is working, but when one sleeps the consciousness does not work, then an aggregate of perception works, therefore that one has dream.
All psychics can wake up their aggregate of perception to do all psychical, miracle or strange phenomena.
The aggregate of perception makes one’s eyes see God, Mother of Jesus, Buddha, holly light, relative, whoever or whatever that one expect to see or scare of such as ghost. Those images are made by the aggregate of perception (human brain). Actually, the real God, ghost, Buddha, relative does not exist. The aggregate of perception can convert all human desires, scares, expectations, wishes into any image, sound, smell, taste, knownledge and that person feel like to see a real image by one’s eyes, listen a real sound by one’s ear, smell a real smell by one’s nose, taste a real taste by one’s tongue, understand something such as koan in Zen...
All human were tricked by their brain, but nobody know about it. All human think that there are metaphysical world, life after death, God, Ghost,… They never think about their brain have been able to trick them to create everything that people like, wish, desire, expect, scare,…

If the science could understand how the aggregate of perception in each person works, the science can find an answer for all metaphysical world, invisible world, life after death, ghost, psychical, miracle, strange phenomena which have happenned from far away to now.

Briefly speaking, all those phenomena have created by the aggregate of perception in each person. Whenever science discover how the aggregate of imagination (perception) works, then science will find an answer for all metaphysical world, psychical, miracle, strange phenomena. Or Just find a person who can enter the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness to stop a imaginative consciousness of St Bernadette, then we will find the answer for this phenomena (with a consent of Pope Benedict of Vatican)

(All the phenomena of mystical, spiritual, magical, strange metaphysical from human power, psychic, spiritual, etc. .. that science has not proved are explained in a book ‘LINH HON KHONG CO’ at this website ... o_sach_day" onclick=";return false;)


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BUDDHIST METHOD – Auto-Self Suggestion

Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:45 am

We know Buddha taught us all things in order to get enlightenment as him such as The Eightfold Path; The Four Noble Truths; Four Brahma-viharas (Highest Attitudes/Emotions); Four Foundations of Mindfulness; Seven Factors of Enlightenment, etc.

We read, understand, practice and not yet get enlightenment as him. Why? The answer is our fault. We missed an important part which is the method of practicing. We have not understood all the meaning of Buddhist teaching. We missed it and we lost. When we lost we created our method for practicing. In the result, there are so many Buddhist sects and books about Buddhism around the world. Each created their own method to practice Buddhism.

All translation from Sutta Pali to English, authors described that method is "Appropriate attention”or “wise attention” or “wise reflection”. All of those translations come from a Sanskrit words “Yoniso ca manasikāram”

What do you think what is the “Appropriate attention”or “Wise attention” or “wise reflection” method? I thought Buddha has wisdom, so he must teach his disciples concrete method to eliminate all fermentation. He could not teach us generally. If we understood general meaning, each of us would choose an appropriate method, then there would be millions methods to get enlightenment.

In Vietnamese translation it was translated to Auto-suggestion method. With this method my master used to eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds easily for a short time to get enlightment. Now all of us use this method not only eliminate all desires, but also use it to expel all decease and sickness such as cancer, etc. Buddhism is very miracle, with this method no one need to go to doctor or take medication when one got sick. Therefore, Buddhism can controll Life, Sickness, Age and Death.

By the Auto-sugggestion method we always remind the mind every time it clings to something bad, do, speak or think about unwholesome deeds. Using this method one can feel all evil thoughts gradually disappear and be silence naturally. Without using this method one could not eliminate desire, greed, anger and delusion. This method is very important and indispensable.

We use this method to remind the mind. It looks like we reflect wisely:
If the mind is thinking badly we will remind the mind an opposite way of the mind is thinking:
For example: If the mind is thinking about stealing something. We remind the mind that: “Stealing is bad, this evil mind must go away”
When one get angry, just remind: “Anger is bad, bad mind go away.”
f we want to develop wholesome deed. We will use this method to remind the mind.
For example: If we want to develop a loving kindness. We remind the mind “Should love all sentient beings, should not eat any meat, only eat vegetarian. Because all beings have life like us, they also want to live and be afraid of death. We also are afraid of death, so why we support our life by others beings life”

Buddha always emphasizes repeatedly to use the Auto self suggestion method to eliminate evil minds and develop good mind: “With using the Auto-self suggestion, unarisen fermentations do not arise, and arisen fermentations are abandoned. Without using the Auto-self suggestion, unarisen fermentations arise, and arisen fermentations increase”

Nowaday, Science knows how to use this method in medicine to help patients to recover a function of body.You can find this method everywhere in our life. With this method we remind the mind to remember our goal, our plan, etc. Therefore you will easily experimence this method for a short time. You will see all things that Buddha taught us are easy, simple and real which are closely familiar to all of us.

Unfortunately, my master’s books has not translated into English. If you could read them, you would see how the miracle of Buddhism, and what are wrong and right in Buddhism nowaday?, What are the right understanding and superstition? Is there a metaphysical world? Is there life after death? Explanation about paranormal phenomena. And so on.

Our website is" onclick=";return false;

Good luck.

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Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:45 am

Consists of 8 classes:

1. Right Understanding
2. Right Thought
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

Every class has its lessons. I remembered that when I studied first Right View class, there were 14 lessons, but that was a short course 3 months with a minimum basic.

All Buddhist knows about the Eightfold Path under their definition. But no one thinks about that Buddha wanted to point out those paths which are 8 classes to study to achieve Enlightenment.

All Buddhist teachings are lessons which support for these eight classes.

Buddhism is an educational subject, not a religion. Buddha is our first master to create Buddhism. Buddha taught us about the cause and effect law. Each one must bears the full responsibility for one's act. Doing wholesome deeds to get good result, doing unwholesome deeds get bad result such as sickness, accident, deceases, etc. Buddha said: “Where is wisdom, there will be precept; where is precept, there will be wisdom” So Buddhist wisdom does not come from sitting meditation or chanting, it comes from precept, from righteousness and good character, or from human morality - Leading the life without suffering oneself nor other nor sentient beings.

People like to jump to mindfulness to sit meditation in order to get concentration without other first important classes. Those classes are very important and are the basic to build righteousness and good character. Without Precepts one has never gotten enlightenment.

Some consider that when one has wisdom, that one can live righteousness and has good character. People always show that they are smarter than Buddha and do an opposite way of what Buddha taught.

They even said that the Buddha‘s precepts can change because of obsolete in the modern life.
They added in Buddha teachings this paragraph: On his deathbed, Buddha told Ananda, "After my Nirvana, if the sangha asks for the nullification of some articles of the petty vinaya, the Tathagata gives you permission to nullify them serially."
Buddha’s precepts are morality to make people more fully trained with righteousness and good character. The Precepts are not the laws to ban or prohibit. Because of misunderstanding therefore everywhere in each Buddhist sect or Buddhist school in every country has created their new precepts and nullified Buddhist precepts. In the result, nobody get enlightenment since Buddha had died, only get some wisdom or knowledge of the imaginative consciousness.

From this eightfold path, we see Buddha did not teach us to sit meditation, to chant, to read incantations. Eight classes help us to eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds, then we can live without bringing suffering to oneself, nor others and nor all sentient beings.

After eliminating all desires and unwholesome deed, the mind gradually naturally become unmoveble, peaceful, joyful and not attached without any force.

Eightfold path is eight classes which are the orbit starting from Precept to Concentration and Wisdom. Concentration and Wisdom come from Precept. Without precept the real Buddhist concentration and wisdom never got. So the Eightfold path is very important for studying Buddhism.

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Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:46 am

You can read this topic in this blog ... icked.html" onclick=";return false;


If someone had read an Original Buddhist teaching, one would see Buddha already said about the aggregate of imagination. "There is nothing, all phenomena are imagination. Who imagines that there are ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death, there would be ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death..." That means the human aggregate of imagination can create all images, sounds, smells, tastes, knowledge, etc, and everything from people’s desire, like, want, expect, scare and imagine about. So human have been lied or tricked by each one’s aggregate of imagination. The human aggregate of imagination is a smart thing and it knows clearly about each one's desire and relations. You can call that aggregate is a "trick aggregate"

According to Buddhist teaching, a human is a combination of five aggregates: Material form (body), Feeling, Imagination (perception), Act and consciousness.

The aggregate of imagination is not an imagination. It is not a material. How does it work?
We can recognize it by three types: unwholesome thought, wholesome thought and no thought. Some consider that no-thought is Buddha nature. But the aggregate of imagination is one of five aggregates, when someone died, all aggregates died too. Nothing is left neither soul nor Buddha nature.

Buddha always reminded us: “Nothing is mine, nothing is me, nothing is my self.”
“Nothing is mine, nothing is me” is easy understand. The mind, the body is not mine, is not me. What about “Nothing is my self”? Buddha wanted to point out no Buddha-nature, no spirit nor soul”

The aggregate of consciousness has three consciousnesses. The normal consciousness as we live with it everyday. The second is imaginative consciousness when the aggregate of imagination is woken up. The third one is a mindfull consciousness which will appear when someone eliminated all desires and got enlightenment.

When people sleep, there is no consciousness. But there are dreams. Why do people have a dream? Because then the aggregate of imagination starts working and it makes people have dream. When the aggregate of imagination is working, we have a Imaginative consciousness.

This imaginative consciousness can pass time and space. So if someone whose aggregate of imagination is working, one would see the past and the future, and could see everything are happening far away without any obstacles such as walls, buildings, mountain, etc,.

Why some people see God, Buddha, ghost, their relatives, or someone else? Can they contact to real God, Buddha, ghost, their relative or someone else?

The answer is the aggregate of imagination does that job. This aggregate can convert any kind of concepts, desires, expectations, beliefs, scares into an image, video, sound, smell, taste, knownledge so that person can see, listen, smell, taste, touch, understand all things which he or she has been expected.

So if someone believes God, Buddha, ghost, relative or someone else. One will see God, Buddha, ghost, their relative or someone else.


Have you believed that there is a ghost?
If anyone does not believe, that one will never see it. If anyone believes, that one can see it.

The problem is when someone does not believe and is not afraid of ghost. His or her imaginative consciousness does not work, so that person can not see anything.

When someone believes and be afraid of ghost, his or her imaginative consciousness works, so that person will see a ghost. But only that person see it, nobody else, except others also believe and be afraid of it. If those people are in the same room, or in the same situation, their scare affects to each other. In the result, all of them see ghost. But if there is one of them who does not believe or is not afraid of ghost, that person has never seen anything.

That is why I said the aggregate of imagination can convert all one's concepts, desires, beliefs, scare about anything into the image in front of their normal eyes. It makes one can see a real ghost, God, Buddha or someone else. It knows exactly what people wanted and expected.

Suppose that now we know how that aggregate works. There are a lot of stories and movies about a Ghost houses. I think if putting someone who does not believe and is not afraid of ghost in those Ghost houses, there is nothing happens, and the ghost house becomes a normal house.

If anyone believes and is afraid of ghost, no matter where he or she lives, that house is a Ghost house.

Scientists have been trying to invent different equipments to measure or to discover those psychical phenomena, but why they have not found anything? Because all phenomena actually do not exist. All phenomena are created by human aggregate of imagination. No metaphysical world, no spirit, no soul, no Buddha nature, no life after death.

Some people practice Buddhist meditation and think that they already get enlightenment, because of seeing God, Buddha or something special signal or they have a psychical, paranormal abilities, but they do not know how the aggregate of imagination tricked them.


As we know, there are some people have a psychic abilities to contact to an unknown or metaphysical world which is called life after death.Or some people practice Buddhism such as sitting meditation for long hours, focus on something or any object (breath, abdomen,…), read incatation continously, chanting continously for long hours, etc…Those methods inhibit a normal consciousness and wake up the imaginative conciousness. So they would see any images such as God, Buddha, Mother of Jesus, their relatives; hear any voice or sound which are created by the imaginative conciousness. Therefore, practicioners think that there are a life after death.

Buddha only taught us to eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds. Love and forgive.
Practice Buddhism with a normal consciousness by always knowing everything around, open eyes. When we close eyes, the normal consciousness will gradually disappear and stop working, then the imaginative conciousness will operate.

Let imagine that a computer has a hard drive that can store or archive a lot of information, video, pictures, sound, smell, and so on.

We know that every one has different kind of activities everyday, every moment of life. And those one’s action, speech and thought have copies like a shadow of a tree. Those copies are stored or archived in a big hard drive that is our space around us. When one died at 20 years old, his or her copies or shadows are 20 years old and was stored in the space.

Psychics have ability to access to that hard drive and take whosever copies or shadows. Their imaginative conciousness can contact to those copies, it can talk to those copies, transform to those copies, get all information about someone, about relatives, friends, everything related to those copies such as where that person died, how to died, know about their friends or enemies and so on.

That is why in my country (Vietnam) psychics can find a death body of some family which has sons who lost in the war. The family members just bring an old picture of their son to psychic. Then psychic uses his or her ability to find a place where the son died. Suppose that the psychic lives in the north, he or she can see and shows the skeleton in the south, what village, where approximately. So the family’s members fly to the south and come to that place, dig the earth and found the skeleton of their son with some things belong to his son such as a soldier’s tag, a ring, and so on.

How we know it is not a life after death, rather just copies of one’s life.
Suppose that there was someone who died when he or she was 20 years old. After 50 or 2000 years, the copies are still an image or a video of one’s 20 year old in the space. The psychic person can contact to the copies and see a young person 20 years old, not 70 or 2020 years old. The key is here. The copies had been stopped storing when whoever died. That is why we know that there is not a life after death. They are just the copies or the shadows of one’s life.

These psychics have the normal consciousness and the imaginative consciousness be working at the same time. They can switch from one to another when they want to see something.

The imaginative conciousness of a psychic can transform psychic to dead person and talk to others by dead person’s voice, answer other’s question about the past and future because the imginative conciousness can pass the time and space.

Therefore, metaphysical world is the imaginative world which is created by the aggregate of imagination.


In some case, that the imaginative consciousness has abilities to see the whole world, it travels when people are sleeping, it looks like has something coming out the body, looks back and watches the body is lying in the bed, and travels from one place to another.

Some people have that ability and do not know how to stop it, because it happens unexpectedly. That one can try to use the Auto-self suggestion. Before sleeping just reminds that “The body and the mind must sleep normally, not travel”. Gradually it will disappear.

When someone practices meditation with inhibittng a consciousness by concentrating or focusing to a breath or any object, it is easy to wake up the aggregate of imagination. When it works, it can lead people to become mental. Be careful to practice meditation. We must practice meditation with consciousness to know everything happening around. Not to sleep. Practicing meditation easily asleep and sleep whenever. When one sleeps the consciousness stops, and the aggregate of imagination starts working. So open the eyes when practicing meditation. Do not try hard to practice meditation. Let’s practice slowly everyday a little bit more effort. By this way the body will familiar with the new posture.

Focusing on something is the easy way to wake up the aggregate of imagination.

Everyone has greed, anger and delusion. If one has not eliminated those things, the imaginative consciousness works which will lead to mental. That is the cautions for all people try to do meditation in order to get a special abilities.

I see some cases such as some people practice meditation for a while start to spin their head around or up and down. Some like to shake their body, their legs, strange action or speech, etc.

When the aggregate of imagination works, the people practice meditation has imaginative concentration and can get wisdom or knowledge of imagination.

People make a wrong mistake when they think that without precepts they can easyly get wisdom when the mind be calm and peaceful. Buddha already determined that “where is wisdom, there will be precept; where is precept, there will be wisdom.” The Buddhist wisdom is from precepts, from morality, from ethnic, from righteousness and good character. All Buddhist precepts are the human morality. Leading a life without suffering oneself nor others and all sentient beings are the moral/virtue of humanity - the cause and effect

Be careful!


When the aggregate of imagination works, the imaginative consciousness can create any image, sound, taste, smell...everything people desired, liked, wanted and expected.

- Some can hear horrible sound, a thunder, a voice from God, Buddha or someone else or some whistle, whisper from someone in their ear, talking with God, Buddha...
- Some can taste a delicious holly fruit, feeling the spittle is flowing out, etc.
- Some can smell a pleasant smell, etc.
- Some can feel a pleasant feeling, the body is bigger, small, light, weight and even fly, etc.
- Some can see a holly light around a head, a body or a holly light around the head of God, Buddha, or see Buddha is explaining about some koans, see image of God, Buddha, Mother of Jesus, relatives, ghost, etc.
- Some like to debate win or lose with others to prove their ideas better, more correct or the best. Some have abnormal questions and answers; one asks west, another answer east. Understand some koans.
- Some laugh or cry without stop.
-Some like to make poetries whenever they see, hear, think about something.
- And so on....

All images, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, knowledges are created by the imaginative consciousness. Those form are not real or true.

People thought that they have wisdom, but this wisdom or knowledge is not the Buddhist wisdom, it is the wisdom or knowledge of the imaginative consciousness. The wisdom of imaginative consciousness are still consist of desire, greed and delusion.

For who seriously practice Buddhist meditation, that one need to stop sitting meditation when those cases happened by standing up and remind the mind to expel all strange phenomena.


I heard that when someone has the aggregate of imagination which has been woken up, it works unexpectedly.
Sometime does not need it, it works. Sometime need it, but it does not.
It can work just half or part of its ability.
So some people has strong ability, some has weaker, different level.
The better way is to get rid of it by using Auto-self suggestion to remind oneself to expel it: "Give away" every time it appears.

Briefly speaking, whenever science discover how the aggregate of imagination (perception) works, then science will find an answer for all metaphysical world, psychical, miracle, strange phenomena and special abilities of human.

(The word ‘imagination’ I used in this article instead of ‘perception’ because I see all strange phenomena are not real. That is an imaginative world)
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Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:46 am

You can read this topic here: ... exist.html" onclick=";return false;


In the topic “All Human Have Been Tricked”. I explained that no ghost existed in the real world. They exist in the imaginative world which was created by each one’s aggregate of imagination.

If someone tell me that they saw a ghost which flying or to do something scared him or her. I will believe them, because I knew they had seen the ghost by their eyes, heard a ghost’s voice by their ears, or the ghost chased them everywhere in the house to the back yard and so on. Those people are not liars.

I believed that they told the real story. But I understood that the imaginative consciousness of those people had worked and created image of ghost, voice of ghost, etc.
When the imaginative consciousness worked, it has an imaginative eyes, imaginative ears, imaginative nose, imaginative tongue. So those people could see the image of ghost by their eyes, heard the voice of ghost by their ears. By that time, no one else saw the ghost except those people, because the real ghost never existed, the ghost exists with the people who have the imaginative consciousness operated.

If we know those people who saw the ghost, we just explain them that their imaginative consciousness operated. In order to return to normal life, just live a normal life, do exercise by walking in the park more than half and hours, to do something by their hands such as painting the house, repair a car or to do something they like. Do not sit in the room alone, that person need to live outside in the social environment.

Gradually, that phenomena will disappear, that person will return to normal consciousness, the imaginative consciousness will weak and disappear.

Whenever that phenomena returns, using the Auto-self suggestion method to remind the mind that, “those images of ghost are imagination, not real, go away”. Just confidently believe the ghost is not real, does not exist, it will go away and disappear.

Notice that, normal person lives with a normal consciousness, when one slept, there are no normal consciousness, then the imaginative consciousness operates to make a dream. With who had seen a ghost, two consciousness (normal and imaginative) operated at the same time. Our goal is to help those people to return to normal life, eliminating the imaginative consciousness.

Good luck
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Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:47 am

I think all of you know about this law. Why do I write this article? You will find the answer.

We all beings live in the cause and effect environment. So human beings or any beings in this planet are influenced by this law.

1. Let’s look at a tree. When we put a seed into the earth, the tree grows up and has flowers, fruits. How many fruits we will get? A lot’s of fruits. So everything we do, speak or think, it has its effects. A lot‘s of effects from one cause, not one effect from one cause.

For example: When someone stole something, that one was chased, arrested, beaten, in custody, tortured, despised, and so on. So you see one cause has many effects.

When one died, that one’s karma will instanly reincarnated, no time in between. There are many people will be reborn to this world from one karma.

2. One fruit has a lot’s of seeds. So every effect has many causes to create more and more effect. Be careful.

3. When we did something bad, that karma will rebirth right away, not waiting to the end of one’s life.

Let’s look at a tree. When we put one seed in the earth, the tree grows up, has fruits. In each fruit has a lot’s of seeds, if these seeds were put into the earth, there would be a lot’s more trees growing up, but the first mother tree has not died yet.

Therefore, if someone eats chicken, his or her karma of eating chicken will rebirth to many chickens (not one chicken) right away everywhere in the world, and that one will get sickness or accident from unwholesome deeds-eating chicken. Why? If one does not respect the life of any beings, that one won't be able to save their life. That is a justice of the cause and effect law. All beings like to live and be afraid of death, so why do we support our life by other being’s life? The cause and effect law does not forgive us.

Nobody know why they are sick? They think that is natural or the devil did. When they are healed, they think that is a miracle from God. But all things happen around us are the cause and effect law which is a justice, no one can buy over or pray. If people can buy over or pray, this society would be fully criminal and chaotic.

The cause and effect law is not a fate or unchanged, it can be changed by wholesome deeds. It looks like when we put a fertilizer, water into the tree or trim some bad branches or leaves we will get sweet fruits or beautiful flowers.
All wholesome deeds are started with loving kindness. Without loving kindness we can not do anything.

Loving kindness help us to live without anger or hatred.
Loving kindness help us to forgive and forget.
Loving kindness help us to seek our fault, not others fault.
Loving kindness help us to eliminate, abandon all desires and unwholesome deeds.
Loving kindness help us to live without suffering oneself nor others and sentient beings.
Loving kindness help us to change the cause and effect law from suffering into happiness.
Loving kindness help a mind become unmovable, calm and peaceful.
Loving kindness help us to get the four steps to rddhi or supernatural powers, right concentration and the threefold knowledge.
Loving kindness help us to achieve enlightenment without any force and difficulty.

Therefore, one seed has a lot’s of fruits. One fruit has a lot’s of seeds, each of those seeds would be a new tree, while the first mother tree has not died yet.

While we live, how much karma rebirth?

Have a good karma


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What is Nirvana?

Post by phimanh » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:18 am

Nirvana is a state of a mind which every one can feel it. It is real and simple. Buddha always said something real, simple and understanding, not abstracted.

Because no anyone has not eliminated desires and unwholesome deeds yet, therefore nobody know what it is.

After eliminating all desires and unwholesome deeds, a mind naturally becomes unmoveable, peaceful, joyful, and not attached. That is the state of Nirvana.

We do not need to chant, read incantation, sit meditation. just eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds. Very easy, simple and understanding.

You might look this blog ... ogram.html" onclick=";return false;

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Re: What is Nirvana?

Post by cooran » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:22 am

Hello phimanh, all,

Clicking on the link below will give you access to many Suttas where the Buddha taught about Nibbana, as well as some articles by respected Bhikkhus. ... ml#nibbana" onclick=";return false;

with metta
---The trouble is that you think you have time---
---Worry is the Interest, paid in advance, on a debt you may never owe---
---It's not what happens to you in life that is important ~ it's what you do with it ---

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Post by cooran » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:27 am

Hello phimanh,

Can you please link what you are saying to traceable quotes from particular suttas in particular nikayas please?
Links to suttas on Access To Insight would be great.

with metta
---The trouble is that you think you have time---
---Worry is the Interest, paid in advance, on a debt you may never owe---
---It's not what happens to you in life that is important ~ it's what you do with it ---

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