PreBirth Experience (PBE),Remembering Birth,Past Lives

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PreBirth Experience (PBE),Remembering Birth,Past Lives

Post by Akashad » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:36 am


I have been thinking about Prebirth experiences for the past few days and find myself struggling to fit it in with Buddhism. I found a website where people were posting their accounts and it very similar to mine. I've never actually doubted my memories it wasn't vague.But when i read other people's accounts they were so similar to mine it really hit me that there may be something i can unearth.

Growing up i always thought remembering before birth was natural.I thought people remembered different levels.some remember when they were 2,some before birth,some in previous one ever told me it wasn't possible to remember so unfortunately i had this worldview until very late at the age of 12 i think when i just sort of inferred from my environment that it wasn't one never actually said it to my face.

By reading the hundreds of accounts from different people with PBE experiences,We all seem to share the same themes:

1.Being in a space like realm.
2.Not having a human body.Some describe our bodies to be orbs of light.I don't personally remember i remember having an energy body.
3.Limited sensory function.I couldn't see i had no eyes but i can perceive things without eyes.
4.Beings there communicated telepathically.
5.Choosing your parents.I don't remember choosing my parents i remember choosing the region where i would be born and also my gender.A few people have also stated choosing their gender.
6.most importantly. GUIDES.I'm not aware of Buddhism making any mention of guides.They were to me similar to advisers,councils.I felt like they were urging me to be born but i didn't want to till the right continent emerged..From other accounts it seems the case they had this role of guiding beings in this place to take rebirth.A lot of beings did not want to come to earth.I personally had the feeling of "pour me some sugar and get this over with" but i wasn't like strongly against it.

I also remember dying in a previous life as an old man(which was human) and then this space like realm and also remember being born now (human).I strongly suspect only beings from this realm can remember being born because a few of them have mentioned being born.I get the impression that if you came from this place you can remember.

My question is does anyone know how Prebirth experiences fit in with Buddhism. Especially the knowledge of these guides.It seems rather strange that hundreds of people remembering what i'm remembering about guides.Unlike Near Death Experience which can be very diverse.Some people see Jesus,Buddha etc.In PBE we all see the same themes.Space like realm,Guides,Beings of light or energy,telepathic communication.Its very specific.

Does anyone know if Buddhism makes any mention of guides and remembering your birth also the decision to take rebirth on earth?

I am trying to reconcile my memories and the memories of others with my Buddhist faith.If anyone has any idea..or heard any dhamma talk thank you.

Here is an account similar to mine.

Thank you kindly

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