Practicing both Theravada and Nichiren Buddhism

Exploring Theravāda's connections to other paths - what can we learn from other traditions, religions and philosophies?
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Re: Practicing both Theravada and Nichiren Buddhism

Post by narhwal90 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:04 am

I've been in SGI for ages, recently have been also pursing zen but have not found a local sanga yet (a few more to visit). I don't mix the daimoku/gongyo with zazen, but do one or the other and try to do both in a given week. I really like the zen instruction on observing and handling the mind, nothing like that is found in SGI (or the old NSA) instruction OTOH the energy and determination that the Nichiren practice brings is most helpful. I like the Theravadan practices- I really like the scholarship and lectures from the bikkhu's, have pursued that a bit too but it looks like I respond more strongly to the zen side of things.

The SGI angle has been a difficulty for me for 30 years, I don't click with the organization and the tiny walled-garden sort of study methods they use tend to leave one profoundly ignorant of buddhism in general- and frankly even Nichiren too. OTOH debts of gratitude are for reals, the SGI makes a lot of material available and I do have a number of friends there.

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Re: Practicing both Theravada and Nichiren Buddhism

Post by Yan kong » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:43 am

There are other schools devoted to Nichiren, but I think they would revolve almost exclusively around the study of the Lotus sutra.

If you find meaning in the Lotus suits then I'd say it was important in both Japan and China and there are other schools that study it along with other Sutras.

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Re: Practicing both Theravada and Nichiren Buddhism

Post by JamesTheGiant » Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:15 pm

KiwiNFLFan wrote:
Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:04 am
Every month there is a study session where we study a magazine article with portions of the Gosho (the writings of Nichiren). But we've never even studied the Lotus Sutra in a group, let alone any of the Pāli Canon or other Mahayana sutras.
Yes, I did this with SGI too.
When I asked about studying the Lotus Sutra, or other sutras, I was told: "First we study and 100% understand the writings of Nichiren. When we fully understand him, we can study the Lotus Sutra. When you fully understand the Lotus Sutra you can read other sutras. But really there is no need to read any Sutras. Nichiren's writings are complete."
I asked them about the 4 noble truths and the 8-fold path, and the response was "Ah yes I've heard of them..."

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