Soul theories and the Dhamma

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Re: Soul theories and the Dhamma

Post by Zom » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:22 am

In the material world there is no boundary to anything. An atom can be destroyed into energy and reconstructed into new atom or material. The stream s of material and energy can not be distinguished.

On the other hand, the streams of individuals can not be merged, combined or splitted. E.g. if we merge the brain of two people, can they be combined into a new single person?

If we have faith in Buddhism, there is no way to merge two or multiple life stream into a single one, or split one life stream of an individual into multiple one.
This is incorrect to compare materiality with mentality which works differently because of different laws of nature (citta-niyama). If we take modern scientific knowledge: we know only 5% of the Universe (which is matter), 95% is something unknown, and, we have no idea what is "mind". End of story.
So for all the practical purpose, that mechanism is the ego, self, soul, whatever you call it.
In buddhism this is not calld "ego" or "self" or "soul". It is called "a being" (satta). However, ego/soul/self is not a being, since ego/soul/self is something which is always there and is unconditioned.

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Re: Soul theories and the Dhamma

Post by cappuccino » Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:49 pm

Self isn't soul

Soul is a mystery

Self isn't a mystery

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