Lost Oasis

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Lost Oasis

Post by Denisa » Thu May 29, 2014 5:15 pm

The Buddha's Dispensation is similar to a sign post (Dhamma-vinaya) erected by a great hero at a desert (samsara) crossroads, which points and gives information (True Dhamma) on how to reach (Path) an oasis (Nirvana). By simply following those instructions, many reached the oasis. But, the later graffitists who are believers of the hero do much writings and drawings illicitly on the surface of the sign post, they have no attempt to reach the oasis.

By the time of their posterity, there are many tombs called 'pagoda' surrounding the sign post to enshrine the hero's relics, as well as statues of various sizes and poses of the hero. Donation boxes are also around. Many priests who represent themselves as 'guide to the oasis' can be seen doing various rituals—bowing, circumambulating, lighting oil lamps, etc.—to the sign post and tombs while chanting mantras made from the portions of information on the sign post, making a big noise.

When being questioned about all these unnecessary things, they reply: “To gather pāramī, so can go to the oasis.” Although they proudly claim: “We are the followers of the hero,” their character and behaviour totally differ from the hero, and they write their own instructions on the sign post in order to justify the differences. Some of these priests gather and institutionalize their living, even multinationally, making it a complex social system to stay and survive in the desert. Sometimes, these groups accuse each other saying: “We are the only unbroken pure descendants of the hero, all of you are not!”

Some try to read the instructions on the sign post with much hardship. Noticing this, priests try to discourage them by saying: “Nowadays, the oasis cannot be reached any more, it can only be done when the next hero comes.” Still, some have read the original instructions, and gain confidence on the hero's intention. Seeing these few heading towards the oasis, priests blame them: “Without doing the duties here, these go against the tradition. These are madmen, culprits. They will go to hell.” However, these few, inwardly smiling at the priests' ignorance and discerning the growing danger around the sign post, begin walking towards the oasis, thence determining not to return any more.”

Burning with jealousy, priests cry out: “You cannot go like that. To go to oasis, you have to join our group and follow our instructions. Our method is the only method!”


Just wanting to share since I found this writing to be something interesting - on page 34 at http://www.scribd.com/doc/64780914/The- ... ning-Robes.

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