inspiring Dhamma Deaths

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inspiring Dhamma Deaths

Post by Sanjay PS » Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:21 pm

Many years ago i came across a few articles which were inspiring Dhamma moments of people who passed away while in their earnestness of purpose . Would be very grateful if others could contribute in posting such happenings . i do not have links that i have read of earlier , but i was deeply moved .

In Australia there were a husband and wife Australian couple , lay assistant teachers of Vipassana , who were conducting a 10 day course . During the the last days of the course , the gentleman developed a cardiac arrest , and was rushed to the hospital . His wife stayed back continuing with the course , the assistant teacher , by the time he was brought to the the ICU had passed away . His wife was conveyed the news , she chose to peacefully accept and continue on , and decided in finishing the course until the metta day , and then take leave from the centre.

In a place called Dhamma Giri , in Igatpuri , India , while a long course was being conducted , an elderly lady participating in the course , at the ending of the days finish , when acknowledging the metta of Bhavatu Saba Manglam , bent down her head in saying Sadhu , Sadhu , and passed away sitting with her head down saying the third time Sadhu .

The Path of Dhamma

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