Caution in compassion !

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Caution in compassion !

Postby Madushka » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:49 am

If the beings who wander in this long circle of rebirths do not attain Nirvana (the ultimate bliss of ending their birth by eliminating suffering), in future they would be born in 31 realms belonging to the 3 planes of existence innumerable times. They would become sick, old and die untold times. Their hard earned and protected wealth would be destroyed or stolen by others countless times. Their beloved family would be snatched away by others infinite times. They would be slandered, scolded, beaten and killed innumerable times. The times they would have to face famines and die of thirst & hunger would be countless. The times they would have to face natural disasters such as earth quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes & cyclones and lose their belongings and lives would be immense. The times they would have to face occurrences that bring exhaustion, anguish, fear and weeping would be countless.
The times they have to suffer brutishly in the four hells would be numerous.

Therefore, this long circle of rebirths is a chain of grief and suffering. A mass of grief and suffering. There is no safe place among the three planes of existence where one can escape to from this mass of grief and suffering. The only safe place one can escape to from this chain of grief and suffering is Nirvana.
The door and the path to Nirvana is open only as long as the teachings of Buddha is alive in the world. At present, our Great Buddha’s teachings are well established in the world. This is the perfect time for those who wants to eliminate suffering and attain Nirvana, to make an effort to do so.
One should not neglect this invaluable rare chance thinking that this is not the proper time for it.
May every being make an effort to attain Nirvana which is the uppermost objective of believing the Buddhist doctrine, in this life time!
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