Is consciousness programmable?

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Is consciousness programmable?

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Do you think consciousness is a process that can be simulated by computers to produce an artificial intelligence?
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Re: Is consciousness programmable?

Post by David2 »

I don't think that's possible.

Sending electric current through lifeless materials won't create consciousness.
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Re: Is consciousness programmable?

Post by equilibrium »

Unlikely to happen as humans cannot create perfection.....because perfection does not exist.....nothing does.
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Rui Sousa
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Re: Is consciousness programmable?

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Interesting question.

I have been writing software for nearly 20 years, it is my conviction that software can simulate consciousness, but it would not be consciousness.

There a limit to this, this programmed consciousness would always be a representation of what the software developer understood consciousness to be. I believe that someone who has a clear and deep understanding of consciousness would hardly waist time writing software code.

Artificial intelligence is also very limited in the way it mimics human minds. The understanding of reality by the programmers, limits the software abilities to perform in real situations.
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