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Re: Path and Nibbana

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:16 pm
by Ron-The-Elder
equilibrium wrote:Time does not exist, you don't need to touch Nibbana to realize it.....For anything to exist it must depend on something else!
So how can "Time" exist on this planet called Earth?

The 6 sense spheres are all empty.....what you sense cannot be is real because you "believe" it is real.
I was speaking in mundane, non-relativistic terms, which, while empty, have utility in our samsaric time-space. :thinking: While we cannot satisfactorally define time, it does have utility. Try making a medical appointment without the use of it and you will find out why. :anjali:

Re: Path and Nibbana

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:52 am
One minute is asking one other minute:
-Friend, do you believe in Eternity? Can you wait it?

One place is asking one other place:
-Friend, do you believe in Infinity? Can you lead to it?

One photon is asking one other photon:
-Friend, do you believe in Sun? Can you enlight it?

One gramm asking one other gramm:
-Friend, do you believe in Weight? Can you weigh it?

One picture is askin one other picture:
-Friend, do you believe in Canvas? Can you draw It ?

One noize is asking one other noize:
-Friend, do you believe in Silience? Can you spell it?

One form is asking one other form:
-Friend, do you believe in Emptyness? Can you show it?

One thought is asking one other thought:
-Friend, do you believe in Buddha ? Can you think it?

Re: Path and Nibbana

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:17 pm
by Ron-The-Elder
Found this regarding nibbana: ... e_2015.pdf

Ron-The-Elder wrote:
polarbuddha101 wrote:
vinasp wrote:Hi everyone,

Some have said: "nibbana is not a place ..."

But in Ud 8.1 nibbana is said to be "that sphere" (tadaayatanam).
right but there is also something the buddha called the six-sense spheres, and the six-sense spheres are not places they are the limitations of perception, so nibbana is that final sphere of perception/awareness, it is the island where no one can go further because nibbana is the most refined/clear way of seeing things, nibbana has no fabrications in it, it is not conditioned by ignorance like every other way of perceiving the world, it is pure awareness, this is why the Buddha when asked just after his awakening if he was a deva and he said no, if he was a gandhabba and he said no, if he was a yakkha and he said no, if he was a human and he said no, the Buddha simply said "I am awake" because at that stage fabrications don't apply, they're ultimately meaningless. So nibbana is not a place
However, according to the following: "nirvanna" is a town in Michigan:
Bad Axe, MI
Christmas, MI
Climax, MI
Gay, MI
Hell, MI
Lake, MI
Nirvanna, MI :tongue:
Paradise, MI
Saline, MI

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My understanding is that Nibanna is an unconditioned and non-dependent state, meaning that kamma does not exist, but, having never attained it, I will reserve my final description for when I do. I am not even certain if there is such a thing as time in nibbana, so "when" may not be he right choice of words.