adi sankhara and jhana

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adi sankhara and jhana

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I never heard a story that adi sankhara had jhana or any deep meditation. he is more of logical and intellectual person and good at debate because of clear mind of maintaing precepts like celebacy.

If he had jhana, it wont be more than 2nd or max 3rd.

Anyone has any thoughts?
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Re: adi sankhara and jhana

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I believe Adi Sankhara taught Jnana Yoga. This is where the mediator continually askes "what am I" with the aid of "neti neti" until there is a realisation of Atman/Brahman. From what I can tell it is not the same as the 4 Jhanas as taught by the Buddha. It seems more along the lines of an intellectual exercise as opposed to the absorption of the Jhanas.
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